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  • Indore: To end stray dog menace, city need a dogged approach

    More than 2,000 cases of dog bites are reported every month though Indore Municipal Corporation and many NGOs are working to control population of stray dogs in the city. The city has over 80,000 stray dogs whose sterlisation is a challenge as it requires proper planning and manpower. The fear of stray dog bites has grown to the extent that children and adults avoid walking on street if possible. In many residential

  • Mumbai: Stray dog who boarded WR train beaten up brutally by RPF and GRP officials

    Mumbai: A horrifying incident came to light on Tuesday, when a stray dog who accidentally boarded a ladies compartment was allegedly beaten up Railway Police Force (RPF) and Government Railway Police (GRP) personnel from Western Railways (WR). During its five-hour journey, the dog was beaten thrice by the RPF and GRP officials.

  • In Mumbai, stray dogs are turning blue in colour

    Mumbai: In a very shocking revelation, stray dogs in a region of Mumbai are turning blue in colour due to pollutants from a nearby dye factory. In Taloja industrial area, many dogs are seen in blue colour which is due to the dye leaked from the chemical manufacturing units.

  • Mumbai: Street dog goes missing, woman lodges complaint against her neighbour

    Mumbai: In a yet another case of a fight over strays, two neighbours have indulged in a spat and the matter has now reached the police station. A woman has filed a complaint with Dongri police alleging that one of her neighbours has been instrumental in the sudden disappearance of a stray dog, as he used to abuse the stray regularly.

  • Ujjain: Stray dog bites off woman’s ear

    Ujjain: A woman was attacked by a stray dog which bit away her ear, leaving her seriously injured. Victim Bhuribai (40), wife of Anandilal, was bitten by the dog while she was working outside her house. She was brought to the hospital where the severed piece of the ear will be re-attached by surgery. Her family members said a large number of stray dogs was a nuisance in the area, but no

  • Punjab: Family of five was killed as car swerves to save stray dog

    Ludhiana (Punjab): Five members of a family including three children died in a road accident in the wee hours of Wednesday near Ludhiana’s Dehlon village where their car hit a bus in an attempt to save a stray dog that came in front of the car.

  • Zero dog-breeding city, a distant dream

    Indore :  Barking dog never bites, so goes the adage. But the reality is far from true and universal. Stray dogs in Indore like in any other parts of the world bark, chase, bulldoze you and they bite and also leave you profusely bleeding.