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    Apple becomes world’s first publicly traded company 1 trillion-dollar company

    San Francisco: Apple has become the world’s first publicly traded company to be valued at USD 1 trillion. The milestone marks the triumph of stylish technology that has redefined what we expect from our gadgets ever since a maverick named Steve Jobs started the company 42 years ago.

  • Steve Jobs lied about naming Apple Lisa after daughter

    California: In her upcoming memoir, Lisa Brennan-Jobs, late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ daughter has revealed that her father lied about naming a computer after her. Apple Lisa was released in 1983 and as Lisa-Brennan Jobs was born in 1978, it was inferred that the computer was named after her, Mashable reported.

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook will fly private, after making $13 million in 2017

    San Francisco: Apple CEO Tim Cook, who saw his salary and perks jump 47 per cent to almost $13 million in 2017, will now fly on private aircraft even for personal travel for “security and safety reasons”. According to a new shareholder proxy statement from Apple, the board of directors has approved that Cook will fly on private aircraft whenever he travels, be it for business or personal purpose, Business

  • Apple’s $1000 iPhone: What to expect at launch event

    San Francisco: Apple is expected to sell itsfanciest iPhone yet for USD 1,000, crossing into a newfinancial frontier that will test how much consumers arewilling to pay for a device that’s become an indispensablepart of modern life. The unveiling of a dramatically redesigned iPhone willlikely be the marquee moment tomorrow when Apple hosts itsfirst product event at its new spaceship-like headquarters inCupertino, California. True to its secretive ways, Apple won’t confirm that

  • The DNA of a visionary

    Inventive and ingenious individuals are blessed with minds capable of dreaming seemingly audacious dreams. Their drive to excel takes them to unchartered territories and frontiers where the mind pines to explore, writes Ravi Valluri

  • Lata Mangeshkar honoured with Legendary Award

    Melody Queen Lata Mangeshkar has been honoured with the ‘Legendary Award’ by Brand Laureate. The Brand Laureate Awards recognise world-class achievement in branding amongst individuals and companies. “Heartfelt thank you to “The Brand Laureate” for honouring me with the “Legendary Award” 2017,” Mangeshkar, 87, posted on Twitter alongside the pictures of the award.

  • Apple iPod turns 15 still makes people groove

    New York: On October 23, 2001, Apple Co-Founder and former Chief Executive Steve Jobs unveiled iPod, a portable music player, that changed the way people buy and listen to music even 15 years from its launch.

  • Distress: Getting rid of fear

    Humans are enslaved by habits, as a result it involuntarily superintendents our perceptions, attitudes and behavior, writes Ravi Valluri.

  • Kanye West

    Kanye West rants about expensive `higher `education

    Washington D.C.: Kanye West may have tweeted about many things, but his recent education-related tweets are surely a noble cause, where the rapper penned his thoughts on the cost of education in America. The 38-year-old rapper took to his Twitter handle to share his friend’s experience to highlight how higher education expenses can cripple Americans, People magazine reports.

  • Beware! ‘Error 53’ message can destroy your iPhone

    Melbourne: What did just happen? Numerous iPhone users claimed that they have been locked out of their handsets after a mysterious ‘Error 53’ message popped up on their screens.

  • Redmayne, Fassbender ‘honoured’, ‘grateful’ over Oscar nomination

    Mumbai: Hollywood actors Eddie Redmayne and Michael Fassbender, who have been nominated in the Actor in a Leading Role category of the upcoming 88th Academy Awards, have thanked the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for recognising their work.  The nominations for the 2016 Oscars were announced on Thursday.

  • Fassbender jokes he ‘studied Ashton Kutcher’ for ‘Steve Jobs’

    Los Angeles: Michael Fassbender stars in the titular role as Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in the upcoming biopic and the actor has joked he studied Ashton Kutcher to prepare for the character. In 2013, Kutcher played the man in the drama, “Jobs”. Fassbender, 38, who plays the late Apple co-founder from his late 20s to his mid-40s, said he was aware he does not look like Jobs, reported Entertainment Weekly.

  • Kate Winslet

    I found Steve Jobs biopic exhausting: Kate Winslet

    London: Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet says she struggled with the “pretty gross” hours she had to put in when shooting the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic. The 39-year-old actress said she moaned to one of the crew members on set because of the “ridiculous” 12-hour shifts she and her co-star Michael Fassbender had to put in, reported Contactmusic.

  • Steve Jobs Official Trailer

    Michael Fassbender in and as ‘Steve Jobs’: Official Trailer

    Set backstage at three iconic product launches and ending in 1998 with the unveiling of the iMac, Steve Jobs takes us behind the scenes of the digital revolution to paint an intimate portrait of the brilliant man at its epicenter.

  • Narcissistic Leaders Like Steve Jobs Are More Successful

    Washington : If you are bit vain in nature, you may just posses one of the qualities that most celebrated leaders in the business world have, as a new study has said claimed that narcissistic leaders happen to be the most successful ones, reports ANI.

  • Steve Jobs

    Narcissistic leaders like Steve Jobs are more successful, says study

    Washington : If you are bit vain in nature, you may just posses one of the qualities that most celebrated leaders in the business world have, as a new study has said claimed that narcissistic leaders happen to be the most successful ones. New research from Brigham Young University’s Marriott School of Management finds those strong characteristics are not such a bad thing, as long as those leaders temper their narcissism with a little

  • Tim Cook

    Apple CEO Tim Cook was ‘yelled at’ for offering liver to Steve Jobs

    London : According to a new book “Becoming Steve Jobs” due to be released this month, Apple chief executive Tim Cook was “yelled at” when he offered a part of his liver to a dying Steve Jobs. According to BBC, an excerpt from the book says that Jobs only yelled at Cook three or four times in 13 years including the moment when Cook offered a part of his liver. The book throws light

  • Kate Winslet

    Kate Winslet to star in Steve Jobs biopic?

    Los Angeles: Actress Kate Winslet is in negotiations to play the female lead in a Danny Boyle-directed upcoming biopic on late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, reports

  • Jeff Daniels

    Jeff Daniels for Steve Jobs biopic?

    London: Actor Jeff Daniels is in negotiations for a role in the Steve Jobs biopic. The ‘Dumb and Dumber To’ star could be in line to play former Apple CEO John Sculley, reported Digital Spy.