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    Snapchat new update not gone down well with many users, online petition started for removal

    London: Snapchat’s latest redesign, which was released last week, has not gone down well with many users. This is evident from the fact that an online petition calling for removal of the new update has attracted more than than 6 lakh signatures. The “Remove the new Snapchat update” petition, which is hosted on, was authored by Australian user Nic Rumsey, the Guardian reported on Tuesday.

  • Apple acquires music recognition app Shazam

    San Francisco: In keeping with its plan to expand the company’s music business, Apple confirmed that it is acquiring popular music recognition app Shazam beating Snapchat and Spotify. It has come to an agreement with the London-based service late on Monday, Tech Crunch reported.

  • Google offered $30 billion to acquire Snapchat

    San Francisco : Search engine giant Google had offered $30 billion to buy Snap Inc — the parent company of popular messaging app Snapchat — in 2016 and a similar offer is still open, a media report said. Google had held informal dialogue with Snap and floated an offer of $30 billion before the latter’s last funding round, said the report. Snap’s CEO Evan Spiegel, who is widely considered as being independent,

  • Instagram is terrible for the state of Mind

    New York: Now, this might dishearten all the Instagrammers out there! A new report by the Royal Society for Public Health in the UK says that Instagram, the image-saturated app with over 700 million users worldwide, takes a major toll on the youth people’s mental health, most notably among young women.

  • UK schools teaching digital generation ‘netiquette’

    London : Schools in the UK are teaching children “netiquette” to stop them from texting at mealtimes, announcing deaths on Facebook or dumping romantic partners via WhatsApp, according to a media report.

  • Serena Williams expecting baby this year

    Los Angeles : Serena Williams is expecting a baby this year her spokesperson confirmed, hours after the tennis great hinted at the news in a Snapchat post.

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    Mumbai youth creates Snapchat spoof ‘SlapChat’ and it’s hilarious!

    After Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel allegedly termed India as a ‘poor country’ earlier this week, patriotism invoked in all the Indian Snapchat users. Thousands of miffed users uninstalled the multimedia mobile app dropping the rating to ‘one-star’. And soon #boycottsnapchat started trending on Twitter with people criticizing the app and the founder.

  • Netizens uninstall Snapdeal app instead of Snapchat

    New Delhi: In a case of mistaken identity, many people downgraded and uninstalled the mobile application of e-commerce platform ‘Snapdeal’ instead of social networking app ‘Snapchat’ to mark their protest against certain unverified comments of Snapchat CEO about the Indian market.

  • Snapchat gets Search feature

    New York : Few days after Facebook got a Snapchat-like “Stories” update that lets users add effects to their photos and videos, Snap Inc has introduced a “Search” option that would give users power to search through the content they posted on its app.

  • People are ‘socially’ active, yet feel lonely

    Washington: The more time you spend on social media – scrolling through Facebook, trolling on Twitter, snapping on Snapchat – the more likely you is to feel socially isolated, a new study has warned. Researchers from University of Pittsburgh in the US found that people who use social media for more than two hours a day have twice the odds of experiencing feelings of social isolation and lack a sense of social

  • Snapchat shares soar 44% on listing, valuation $28 billion

    New York: Snap Inc, the parent company of messaging app Snapchat, has gone public with stocks soaring 44 per cent on their first day of trading and valuing the company at $28 billion, the media reported on Friday.

  • Snapchat updates guidelines in a bid to block fake news

    New York: In its bid to reduce fake news and clickbait, the photo and video sharing app Snapchat which is growing up as a place for news has updated its guidelines for publishers, media reports said.

  • Instagram will notify you if your friend screenshot DMs

    New York: With the roll-out of a new update, Facebook-owned photo sharing app Instagram will now notify your friends when you take a screenshot of their Direct Messages (DM) — just like its rival Snapchat, a media report said.

  • FB testing camera effects like those of Snapchat

    New York: In yet another attempt to take on photo sharing mobile service Snapchat, Facebook is testing photo effects and masks into its main camera app for stills and videos that disappear after 24 hours. “The new camera”, as Facebook calls it, is first being tested in Ireland before rolling out to everyone, according to IANS. “The new features include Snapchat-style animated selfie masks, overlaid graphics, and geofilters, Prismaesque fine art-themed style transfer filters

  • Man dumps bride two hours after wedding due to Snapchat

    Dubai : It was what many would call an ‘un-appy’ ending! A Saudi man dumped his bride of two hours after she broke the prenup where she had agreed to not share pictures of the wedding on social media, according to a report by PTI.

  • Facebook testing Snapchat feature inside Messenger

    London  : In an another attempt to take on photo sharing mobile service Snapchat, Facebook has rolled out a new feature called Messenger Day which lets users post photos and videos that disappear after a day, according to IANS.