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  • Monsoon Skin Protection: Follow these 10 steps to protect your skin during the rains

    The onset of monsoon can cause your skin to behave unpredictably. The humidity and stickiness often wreak havoc on the skin. Sometimes it could get extremely oily and sometimes it gets dehydrated and stretched. An appropriate skincare regime is a necessity in such a weather. Here are 10 simple tips to ensure that your skin stays healthy and glowing even during the rains.

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    Face-lift surgery may not boost your self-esteem

    New York: Face-lift surgery can make you look 10 years younger, but that won’t effect much of a change in your self-esteem, a study says. Andrew Jacono from Facial Plastic and Laser Surgery, New York, and coauthors used a self-esteem scale to look at the outcome of face-lift surgery as perceived by the patient to understand the association between self-esteem and the results of aesthetic facial rejuvenation.

  • Marigold- the bright healing agent

    Traditional Indian weddings are colourful and they are about friendly get-togethers dipped in floral hues; where people come together to celebrate the happy union of two souls. And not just in wedding decorations but many religious rituals, especially amongst the Hindus, Marigold has an important role. I myself have grown up watching my grandmother and mother getting up early in the morning on festive days like Dussehra and Diwali and adorning the

  • What not to do when acne tries to invade your life

    You get up one morning, try to calm down your unruly tresses with your fingers and if need be, even start combing your hair. Suddenly you steal a glance at the mirror. Ahhhhhhhhh.

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    Smartphone device can catch skin cancer early

    Toronto:  A tiny device that attaches to your smartphone camera and takes close-up images of moles for analysis can help detect skin cancer at an early stage. The MoleScope device is a microscope that takes pictures of moles and sends them to a dedicated analysis platform called the DermEngine, where they are studied by doctors. The MoleScope app and device, developed by Maryam Sadeghi during her PhD research at Simon Fraser University, can keep track of how moles and skin