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    ‘Troubled past behind Indrani Mukerjea’s extreme behaviour’

    New Delhi: As reports about the alleged parental abuse of Indrani Mukerjea – the mother and the prime suspect in the murder of her daughter Sheena Bora – during her childhood emerge, experts say that effects of extreme negative parenting may have crept deeper into her personality, turning her into a cold-hearted person. “With many failed relationships behind her, Indrani may have developed a maladaptive coping mechanism.

  • Who wants to poison Indrani Mukerjea in cop custody?

    Mumbai: The remand application submitted by Mumbai Police at Bandra Court on Monday clearly says that the probe agency needs to carry out further investigations in multiple locations in several cities mainly in eastern and north-eastern India in the Sheena Bora murder case, and it clearly indicates more arrests in this case in the coming few days. Interestingly, police also sought intervention of the court when the lawyers of Indrani Mukerjea and

  • Police, medical authorities speak in 2 different voices in Sheena Bora murder mystery

    Mumbai: The Sheena Bora murder case seems to be a never-ending puzzle wherein the police officials and the medical authorities have two different voices, contradicting their own statements. The police sources on Monday stated that the skull retrieved from Raigad forest will be sent to JJ Hospital for facial reconstruction to determine Sheena Bora’s identity. However, the dean of the hospital denied stating that they have not got any such directives from

  • Police yet to approach the court for narco tests on Indrani Mukerjea, Sanjeev Khanna

    Mumbai: With the objective of cracking the Sheena Bora murder case, police officials have stated that they will be approaching the court for seeking permission to subject accused Indrani Mukerjea and her former husband, Sanjeev Khanna, to narco, brain-mapping and lie-detection tests. However, the police officials are yet to approach the court on this matter. In the wake of this, Indrani Mukerjea’s lawyer, Gunjan Mangla, informed that the police didn’t mention the

  • More to Mikhail Bora claims than meets the eye

    Mumbai: All the allegations Mikhail Bora has leveled against mother Indrani may be orchestrated to put her in the dock. The deeper Indrani gets embroiled in the murder, the ambit of which has widened further with Mikhail’s allegation that she was trying to bump him off, the more her biological son tends to benefit. Till now Mikhail was subsisting on a measly Rs 40,000 a month that he would receive from Indrani,

  • Then, why did you do it, Mr Sanjeev Khanna ?

    Mumbai: The jury is still out on why the co-owner of ‘1658’, one of the most happening restaurants in Kolkata, Sanjeev Khanna, allegedly became a party to the conspiracy leading to the murder of Sheena Bora in the summer of 2012.

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    Sheena murder case: Indrani,ex husband to be produced in court

    Mumbai: Indrani Mukerjea, her former husband Sanjeev Khanna and her driver Shyam Rai will be produced before a local court today where the police probing the sensational Sheena Bora murder case are likely to seek extension of their police custody.


    Mumbai :  The Sheena mystery murder seems to be getting murkier and murkier even as newer aspects of the case are frequently tumbling out, keeping media hounds on tenterhooks.

  • “It is shocking, why did Pori resort to murder?”

    Mumbai: In her sixties, Mayarani Das still vividly remembers the days when her daughter-in-law Pori Bora, now Indrani Mukerjea, used to verbally abuse her at their small house in scenic Shillong. Mother of Indrani’s first husband, Siddhartha Das, Mayarani presently lives in a nondescript house at Banamali Road in Karimganj of Assam. Living with her another son, Shantanu Das, life of Mayarani so far had been peaceful and without much twists and turns

  • Motive still shrouded in mystery

    Mumbai : With claims and counter-claims and new leads emerging in the investigation, the exact motive behind the Sheena Bora murder case remains shrouded in confusion, as investigators continued to probe different angles here on Saturday.

  • Who Ordered The Cover-Up?

    Inquiry ordered against the then Raigad SP; shockingly no ADR or FIR was registered.

  • Police recovers car used in murder of Sheena Bora: Sources

    Mumbai: Mumbai Police has recovered the car used in the murder of Sheena Bora in April 2012, sources said. The case probe took a fresh turn on Friday night when the police claimed that Sanjeev Khanna, the second husband of Indrani Mukerjea, had confessed to his complicity in the crime during a joint interrogation of the three accused.

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    Sheena Bora murder case: Maharashtra DGP orders probe against local police’s inaction

    Mumbai : Maharashtra DGP Sanjeev Dayal on Saturday ordered a probe for inaction against the local police after Sheena Bora’s skeletal remains were recovered in Pen, Raigad. Raigad’s SP Mohammad Suez Haque is probing into the matter and is expected to submit the report to DGP Dayal soon. Yesterday, the Sir J J Hospital handed over the bones, nails and other evidences of Sheena to the Mumbai Police. They had earlier been deposited by

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    Sheena Bora Murder Case: A Mumbai Shocker, indeed

    It is just as well that the venue of the great drama now unfolding is Mumbai. Bollywood story writers may already have latched on to the juicy ingredients of murder, love, incest, multiple husbands, celebrity high-society shenanigans et al. The arrest of the high-living media entrepreneur Indrani Mukerjea for the alleged murder of her daughter Sheena Bora, whom she tried to pass off as her sister, has dominated the headlines in the

  • Mikhail Bora

    Sheena Bora murder mystery: Brother Mikhail being taken from Bandra Police Station

    Mumbai : Mikhail Bora, son of Indrani Mukerjea, is being taken from Bandra Police Station today in connection with the April 2012 Sheena Bora murder case. The place he is being taken to is yet to be known. The skeletal remains of Sheena are likely to be sent for forensic and DNA tests on Saturday.

  • Sanjeev Khanna First To Crack

    Admits to role in killing of step-daughter; Sheena’s passport recovered from Rahul’s residence in Dehradun, negates claim about her having  gone to US; Peter Mukherjea refuses to face Indrani in joint questioning .

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    Case hinges on DNA evidence

    Mumbai : The Sheena Bora murder case hinges on DNA evidence, which may not be 100% accurate and stand the rigours of court scrutiny. The case, therefore, remains largely circumstantial and based on ‘confessions’ of Indrani Mukherjea and the driver, which can be retracted in the court.

  • Sheena’s forensic samples disappear in thin air?

    The Pen police had sent a pink dress that Sheena Bora was supposedly wearing when she was killed, along with a tooth and a bone of her right hand to the forensic lab for DNA testing. However, the samples never reached their destination. (more…)

  • Who is Sheena’s father?

    Sources say that Sheena Bora was born out of wedlock; Indrani gave birth to her when she was just 17-yrs-old (more…)

  • Mikhail Bora

    I could be next target, fears Indrani’s son Mikhail Bora

    Guwahati: Arrested media baron Indrani Mukherjea’s son Mikhail Bora on Thursday said he could be his mother’s next target after she killed her daughter Sheena Bora in 2012. “I do not know. I may be the next target of my mother. She is very powerful and she can do anything she wants,” Mikhail Bora told reporters in Guwahati.