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    Maharashtra: Give anti-HIV pills even to those who unknowingly had unprotected sex, say experts

    Mumbai: According to a World Health Organisation (WHO) guideline issued in 2014, regardless of the source of exposure of HIV, the person must be administered post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP), an anti-HIV medication that must be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex. But in Maharashtra, the medicine is only given to persons who have been pricked by infected needles and not for those who have unknowingly had unprotected sex. Now, HIV experts say,

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    Cops bust sex racket running via WhatsApp

    Bhayandar: Sex trade racketeers are taking to instant messaging applications like WhatsApp and other social networking sites to operate their nefarious activities.  The Anti-Human Trafficking Wing of the Thane (rural) police, led by Assistant SP Atul Kulkarni and Assistant Police Inspector Sunil Shinde, busted a thriving flesh trade racket late on Saturday night. Investigations revealed that the middlemen used to communicate with their potential clients through WhatsApp application where it was more

  • Sex and the City: Girl stalker, a shocker!

    Q: A girl I met at a friend’s place and who I have no interest in, has been stalking me by sending sexual voice messages on WhatsApp. I blocked her on WhatsApp and then she called from another number and told me that she dreams of having sex with me. While this could be viewed as flattering, I feel anxious with the stalking. I have no interest in her at all and

  • Defrock ‘bad’ priests, leave beliefs alone

    Religion, sex and law make a heady cocktail because law is used to regulate both religion and sex. So, when some renegade priests are accused of rape, our netas may not know enough of the law to realise they are violating it by attacking venerable religious beliefs rather than renegade predator-priests who violate their sacred vows to exploit nuns.

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    Section 377: Will it be against the order of nature if sex is performed differently, asks Justice Nariman

    New Delhi: The Supreme Court has reserved its verdict on a clutch of pleas challenging the constitutional validity of section 377 of the Indian Penal Code which criminalises consensual gay sex. During the concluding arguments before a five-judge constitution bench on Tuesday, Justice Rohinton Nariman observed that if the Supreme Court is satisfied that Section 377 is unconstitutional, revoking it would be the court’s duty.

  • Sex and the City: Not just partner, but partners

    Q: My close friend recently shared about her multiple sexual partners with great pride and boasted about a threesome she was a part of. I felt revolted listening to her description, and was particularly disturbed knowing she was stringing along so many boys, out of which two are my friends. Her casual approach to boys who seem genuinely interested in dating her seriously, is something I disapprove of. She’s been an old

  • Sex and the City! The girl who hates condoms

    Q: The girl I’m dating has been insisting on unprotected sex while I insist on using a condom. She says she does not enjoy with a condom. I am not sure whether our relationship will culminate in marriage as we are still very young, we seem to be quarrelling a lot, and I’m unwilling to risk a pregnancy. When I mentioned ‘no condom no sex’, she threw a fit saying that even

  • Sex and the city: The Tinder Trap

    Q: My fiancé has been meeting and possibly even engaging in sex with girls from Tinder. Should I be worried about our future? What if he continues to enjoy such Meet-ups?

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    Bombay High Court: Having sex even once amounts to ‘consummation’ of marriage

    Mumbai: In a significant ruling, the Bombay High Court on Friday ruled that even a single occurrence of sexual intercourse would amount to the consummation of marriage. The HC also said that an absence of a sexual relationship between a husband and a wife frustrates the entire object of marriage.

  • Is India becoming impious with airing of condom ads?

    India is currently going through an interesting phase in our democracy as on one hand we talk about how far we have come after 70 years of independence and trying to talk on the development of the region and having aspirations of becoming an important player in world politics. But, as often in a democratic country like India it is safe to assume that we (the people) are offended by smallest of

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    Indore: Despite efforts unsafe sex still a hurdle in AIDS control

    Indore: Despite various awareness campaigns being run time to time by the government to control prevalence of AIDS in state, unsafe sex remains the major reason behind the spread of the disease.  According to a report by Madhya Pradesh State AIDS Control Society, so far 53, 899 patients have been diagnosed with AIDS in state since 2005, out of which 4196 patients have been detected with the virus alone in 2017, till

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    Hot couple Karan Singh Grover and Bipasha Basu get steamy while promoting safe sex; Watch Video Now

    One of Bollywood’s hottest real-life couple Karan Singh Grover and Bipasha Basu has always been giving major couple goals to their fans. After getting married in April 2016, the couple has been creating many headlines. Well, we have seen Karan and Bipasha promoting yoga together. However, now the couple has become even steamier as they have endorsed a condom brand to create

  • Bhuvan Arora: Sexual education required in India

    Actor Bhuvan Arora known for bollywood movies like Shuddh Desi Romance, Dedh Ishqiya, Tevar, Naam Shabana and Bank Chor says our country has not yet accepted sex as natural phenomenon thus we are suffering at many grounds.