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    The power of conviction
    n We should at least have the requisite viveka (wisdom) not to be mislead by others. We must possess the requisite inner strength to counter pressures from others. We must have the self-confidence to prove our discoveries as authentic. We must have the courage to fight against injustice. We must be perseverant enough to stick to our chosen ideal path. Struggle not escapism; hard work and vigour and not

  • Dialogue with Guru

    Atma-dharma and Atma-prerana

  • Secret To Success: Take stress with dignity

    Stress is the new disease of our times. Rarely do you find a person who is not struggling with his or her own stress on an everyday basis? Be it professional, personal, financial, emotional or anything else; stress has found its way in our households from all directions possible and is in control of our thoughts, words and actions. We fall prey to this monster, sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly. It builds