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    AAP’s aam aadmi make a beeline for SAPAKS

    When a ship sinks… the … are the first ones to flee. This fits well with the current status of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) here as several workers and office-bearers of the party are flocking to the SAPAKS. The Samanya Pichchda Alpsankhayak Kalyan Samaj (SAPAKS) Party, which came into existence on the grounds of protest of Atrocity Act and caste-based reservations, is taking a toll on Kejriwal’s party.

  • Indore: Bharat bandh remains peaceful in city

    Indore: The ‘Bharat bandh’ call given by some upper caste organisations and backed by some OBC outfits and business organizations to protest against amendments in the SC/ST Act evoked strong response here in the city on Thursday.Private schools, colleges, main markets and other business establishments in most parts of the city were closed. Lean attendance of government employees were seen in the offices. The nationwide bandh call was given by SAPAKS Society.

  • Cross-border shelling turns hamlet into ‘ghost town’

    Chilliyari : After constant shelling from Pakistani rangers, Chilliyari – one of the worst affected towns on the International Border in Jammu now resembles a ‘ghost town’.

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