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  • Retailers ramping up, logistics is their big bet

    Any general, they say is only as good as his army. And anyone will tell you that a war is a-brewing. The war we speak of, is of course for dominance in the e-commerce space. With billions of dollars being poured into e-tail, there’s little wonder why leading e-commerce operators are bullish about future prospects. Heli Ranjan, an independent market research analyst surmises that in the next three years alone, there will

  • Inventory in Retail: When every SKU matters!

    Inventory, inventory management, inventory analysis, all these words, until a few years ago, weren’t common parlance. It is in fact a very recent phenomenon, that inventory, the backbone of the retail business, has gained recognition. With the proliferation of e-commerce, more and more consumers, have become privy and familiar with this term.

  • Indian kirana store

    The new N-word that is taking the retail space by storm

    We writers are an attention-starved bunch, but I’m sure the headline must have piqued your curiosity. Before you are up in arms asking for my head, let me clarify, the N-word I speak of has no racial connotations whatsoever. That being said, this N-word, if most market analysts are to be believed, can be a game changer for the retail space. First though, let’s take a gander at the facts, the e-commerce