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  • This Alibaba robot will serve in China’s hotels soon

    Hangzhou: China’s e-tail giant Alibaba on Thursday unveiled a robot that will serve guests in the country’s hotels soon. “The robotics industry is revolutionising the world and Alibaba Artificial Intelligence (AI) Labs is raising the stakes in this industry with the launch of service robots for hospitality sector starting October,” the company said at its annual Cloud Computing Conference 2018 being held here.

  • This MIT robot can visually understand objects never seen before

    New York: Imagine letting a robot clean your house while you are at work, or to clear your tables. That’s exactly what the novel robot developed by researchers at the MIT can do. The team at the MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), developed a novel system which lets robots inspect random objects, and visually understand them enough to accomplish specific tasks without ever having seen them before.

  • IFA 2018: LG unveil it’s first human-centric wearable robot

    New Delhi: Aiming to become a leading developer of service robots, South Korea-based LG Electronics on Thursday said it will unveil its first “human-centric” wearable robot at the upcoming IFA 2018 in Berlin, Germany. “CLOi SuitBot” — the company’s first human-centric robot designed for industry and healthcare — supports and enhances a user’s legs to allow for more mobility and lower limb strength unlike LG’s previously announced robots such as Guide Robot, Cleaning

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    Mumbai: City fire brigade to get robot to tackle life-threatening situations

    Mumbai: The Mumbai Fire Brigade (MFB) soon to procure remote controlled robot to help them during life-threatening situation. According to officers, global tenders have been floated in April and bidders have been asked to participate uptill May 2018. “The places which are not accessible there this robots will be operated. Also, initially on trial basis only one will be purchased and after successful result more will be procured,” said fire officer.

  • Robot chef draws long queues at university in China

    Beijing : A noodles-making robot, decked in a chef’s hat and a hygiene mask, has been introduced at a university in China to encourage students to eat at the canteen instead of going elsewhere.

  • Rajinikanth to meet fans from April 12

    Chennai: Fans of superstar Rajinikanth held a consultative meet on sunday, in which the schedule of the top star to take photographs with them from April 12, was finalised.

  • Robot quizzes when confused

    Washington: Scientists have developed an algorithm that enables robots to ask intelligent questions when they are confused to help them get better at fetching objects – an important task for future robot assistants.

  • A robot waitress to serve diners!

    Islamabad : A fast food restaurant in Pakistan has become the first eatery in the country to use a robot “waitress” for serving the diners.

  • Now control a robot with only your thought

    New York: Imagine grasping a mug of coffee sitting on a chair and a robotic hand brings it in front of you, thereby reducing your efforts of getting up and getting it yourself. With new technology, such seemingly impossible feats should no longer be restricted to the realms of fantasy, research has shown, says IANS.

  • Here comes a robot with a ‘human touch’

    New York: In a move aimed at doing away with the rigid touch most robots are associated with, researchers have devised a way for a soft robot to feel its surroundings internally, in much the same way humans do, reports IANS.

  • Japanese robot flunks top university entry exam

    Tokyo: The dream of a Japanese robot with artificial intelligence to secure a place at the prestigious University of Tokyo is over after the bot failed miserably in a standard entrance exam. The robot called Torobo-kun has now failed in the entry exam for four years in a row and will have to work in a “real job” in industry, according to PTI.

  • Robot sets new Rubik’s Cube Guinness Record

    Berlin: A robot has successfully solved the Rubik’s Cube in just 0.637 seconds, beating the previous Guinness World Record achieved by an earlier version of the same machine.

  • Wearable robot to help paralytic patients walk

    Beijing: Scientists have designed a wearable lower-limb robot exoskeleton that features natural knee movement to help stroke and spinal cord injury patients regain ability to walk and strengthen their muscles.

  • Robot’s in-hand eye maps surroundings in 3D

    New York: Researchers including an Indian-origin scientist from Carnegie Mellon University have found that a camera attached to the robot’s hand can rapidly create a 3D model of its environment and also locate the hand within that 3D world .

  • Meet ‘Ross,’ the newly hired legal robot

    Washington : The world’s first artificial intelligence lawyer has been employed by a law firm in the US, which will use the robot to assist its various teams in legal research, reports PTI.

  • Soon, a robot with human-like grace and precision

    Washington D.C: A team of researchers was able to breathe grace and precision into robots. A new type of hydrostatic transmission hat combines hydraulic and pneumatic lines can safely and precisely drive robot arms, giving them the delicacy necessary to pick up an egg without breaking it.

  • KFC uses robot to serve customers in Shanghai

    Shanghai: Fried chicken fast-food chain KFC’s first intelligent robot concept store, “Original+”, has been launched at the National Convention and Exhibition Centre here. Sporting a rectangular head and vase-like shaped body, the robot named “Du Mi” helped people order food and make payments, the People’s Daily reported on Wednesday.

  • Touching man-like robot can stir emotions in humans

    New York: Robots having close resemblance with humanoid robot movie characters like C-3PO and Wall-E, which are seen as “friendly, non-threatening computers”, can evoke emotional response from humans, a study has found.