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  • TEDx Gateway 2018: Dr Bronwyn King, of Tobacco Free Portfolios, is leading an inspirational fight against lung cancer

    Lung cancer is today the world’s leading cause of cancer death. It kills many more from cardiovascular and respiratory diseases (some six million a year) and is forecast to kill a billion by the end of this century, on average about 12 years early. Dr Bronwyn King’s Tobacco Free Portfolios works collaboratively with finance leaders across the globe to encourage them to reconsider commercial relationships with the tobacco industry and stand in

  • Lab-grown mini lungs to help study respiratory diseases

    New York: Offering a potential new tool to study respiratory diseases, researchers have transplanted lab-grown mini lungs into immunosuppressed mice where the structures were able to survive, grow and mature.

  • air-pollution

    Air pollution may cause kidney disease

    Beijing: Long-term exposure to air pollution, which has risen to alarming levels in the past years, is likely to cause damages to the kidneys, irrespective of age, warns a study. The findings showed that air pollution increased the chances of developing membranous nephropathy — an immune disorder of the kidneys — that can lead to kidney failure.

  • Do we really care about clean air?

    Mumbai is in the midst of one of the worst phases of dust pollution arising out of the numerous road repair works and the extensive laying of optic fibre for 4G. The road works take inordinately long time to complete. The contractor starts the work and then disappears for days. It seems the same contractor takes multiple works and then tries to accomplish everything with minimal expenditure from his side. The 4G