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    REVEALED! Kunal Kohli finalises title of his next film about Ramayana – ‘Ramyug’

    It seems that the epic tales of Indian mythology have attracted attention of filmmakers and producers. After Aamir Khan expressed his desire to take forward the twisted tale of Mahabharata, Kunal Kohli announced about his venture on Ramayana. While he is known for his romantic films, the filmmaker decided to experiment with this epic period drama for the first time. It has

  • Much ado about a sacred book

    After Ramayana, now it seems the ancient work of Maharshi Vyas — ‘Bhagwad Gita’ — has been forced into the eye of controversy by a few political forces and part of the media those wish to use any tool or weapon to come down heavily on the Modi Government in Delhi and any BJP governments in any state of India. Unfortunately, those who have initiated this most unfortunate controversy do not realise

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    Sita Jayanti 2018: Significance, rituals, tithi and all you need to know

    Sita Jayanti, also known as Sita Navami or Janaki Navami, marks the birth anniversary of Goddess Sita. It is celebrated on Navami Tithi during Shukla Paksha of Vaisakha month that corresponds to April or May month in the Gregorian calendar. Sita is also known as Janaki and is believed to be the adopted daughter of King Janaka of Mithila. According to Valmiki’s Ramayana and Kamban’s Tamil epic Ramavataram, Sita was found by

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    In pictures: 10 destinations that make you believe Ramayana existed in real life

    There are several reasons we call ‘Ramayana’ an epic. We all have grown up listening or watching Ramayana on television. It is said that Valmiki did not write one definite piece of text. He combined data from different sources which has passed down orally through the years. Today neither can we debate on the historical accuracy nor on its existence. Well, keeping aside the debates and perspectives regarding its existence, we must

  • Why is PM Narendra Modi getting offended by an innocent laughter?

    India’s 14th Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi will complete four years in office in May 2018. These past three-and-a-half years have passed quickly and now everyone is interested in government’s report card on jobs and development rather than on shrill rhetoric. Something funny and amusing happened during the past couple of days in the parliament when PM Modi while speaking in both the houses of parliament replying to the motion of thanks address of

  • Dara Singh birth anniversary: Iconic roles of ‘Rustam-E-Hind’

    Whether it was the wrestling ground or acting field, this body builder with a 53-inch long chest never failed himself in any situation. Standing tall at 6.2 feet, in the 60s, Dara Singh was known as India’s best wrestler.

  • Musical version of Ramayana main attraction at ASEAN summit opening ceremony

    Manila: A musical version of the epic Ramayana was one of key attractions at the grand opening ceremony of the two-day-long ASEAN summit here today, reflecting India’s cultural linkages with the Philippines and several member countries of the 10-member bloc.

  • Ramayana stamps

    Now get your own set of Ramayana postal stamps at Mumbai GPO

    Ramayana, one of the biggest epics of Indian mythology, continues to inspire generations across different aspects of life such as societal values, moral conduct and family. The epic imparts valuable teachings in us. If you are among those creatures who have grown up reading, listening and watching Ramayana and consider it as a way of life then there is a good news for you. Department of Post has issued stamps featuring the

  • Indonesian Muslims perform Ramayana in Mumbai to promote unity

    Mumbai: A thorough presentation of ethnic tradition induced in culture though an art form was performed by a group of Muslims from Indonesia on Tuesday at the NCPA. Over 43 Muslims from Indonesia performed Ramayana Ballet, a traditional dance form, and a live Angklung Orchestra, with the help of Angklung a distinct musical instrument made out of bamboo tubes.

  • Ujjain: Ramkatha at Mahakal Pravachan hall

    Ujjain: Ram Katha ‘Suniye katha Raghunath ki’ is being narrated by Sumanbhai at Mahakal Pravachan hall. On day 2, he recited dialogue that took place between ‘Kakbhushundi and Garud’ during the course of epic saga. He said that maintaining a restrained life is tough given the measure of things that are available to digress one’s concentration. He described an incident in the battle in Lanka when Garud at behest of

  • Ramayana: Rael Padamsee to revisits the iconic epic

    Raell Padamsee’s new production looks at the Ramayana from a different perspective. Boski Gupta tries to unravel the purpose behind rediscovering the book

  • Ramayana’s Bhutanese version staged in Dhzongkha language

    Bhopal: Bhopalites witnessed for the first time ‘Linggesargulpo,’ a traditional Ramayana of Bhutan at  open stage of Tribal museum on Wednesday. The whole episode of more than two-hundred-year-old book was presented in fifty minutes in six scenes by 11 actors of  Lhayee Lugar Performing Arts, Bhutan in Dzongkha, a language of Bhutan brilliantly which impressed the audience a lot.