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  • ‘What have we become’: Rahul Gandhi on Kathua Rape Case

    New Delhi: Congress president Rahul Gandhi today described the rape and killing of an 8-year-old girl in Kathua as “unimaginable brutality” that cannot go unpunished and wondered how anybody can seek to protect the culprits. He also lashed out at the politics being played over the crime.

  • PM to lead BJP fast on blockade

    New Delhi : Three days after Rahul Gandhi led a symbolic 5-hour Congress fast at Rajghat here for peace and harmony, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will go on a day-long fast here on Thursday, with the BJP MPs in own constituencies, against what they call Parliament’s blockade by the Congress in the second part of the budget session that ended last Friday.

  • Lutyens’ Delhi hits back at Narendra Modi

    The extent to which Lutyens’ Delhi is a microcosm of India or exists as a rarefied enclave is the subject of endless and inconclusive discussions. Whatever be the reality, this tiny corner of India’s Capital is always an interesting case study since its social influence far exceeds its spatial limitations.

  • Congress’ fast at Rajghat: Congress party men can’t fast on an empty stomach

    Mumbai: A much touted daylong ‘fast for harmony’ turned into a farce with Congress party leaders hogging “chhola bhaturas” just before the protest began. Among those hungrily tucking into the hearty meal were Ajay Maken, Haroun Yusuf and Arvinder Singh Lovely. Incidentally, the party’s nationwide protest was against caste-based violence, communalism and non-functioning of Parliament, for which the Congress blames the ruling BJP. Incidentally, Rahul Gandhi was not seen at the merry making

  • For peace and harmony, Rahul fasts for a day

    Just before the Cong chief’s arrival at venue, the party asked its former Delhi MPs Jagdish Tytler & Sajjan Kumar to leave the dais since they are still facing 1984 anti-Sikh riot cases.

  • Rahul Gandhi attacks Modi government over death of rape victim’s father

    New Delhi: Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Monday attacked the Narendra Modi government over custodial death of the father of a girl who had accused an Uttar Pradesh BJP legislato rof rape, saying that accused was roaming free while the victim’s father was been taken into custody by police.

  • Congress’ fast at Rajghat: Rahul Gandhi terms PM Narendra Modi anti-Dalit, BJP’s ideology oppressive

    New Delhi: Congress president Rahul Gandhi today accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of being “casteist” and “anti-Dalit”, and said his party will always stand against the BJP’s “oppressive” ideology. Speaking to reporters at Rajghat, where he is leading the Congress‘s nationwide fast against alleged communalism and non-functioning of Parliament, Gandhi also said the grand old party will defeat the BJP-led NDA in the 2019 general election.

  • Rahul Gandh. Pic/ PTI

    Rahul Gandhi’s fast at Rajghat a ‘drama’, says BJP

    New Delhi: The BJP on Monday hit out at the Congress for observing fasts across the country over alleged increase in atrocities on weaker sections under the Narendra Modi government and dubbed it a party “drama” to launch its President Rahul Gandhi.

  • Congress’ fast at Rajghat: BJP leader claims to have seen Congress leaders eating before fast

    The Congress president Rahul Gandhi who is leading a daylong fast against caste violence, communalism and the non-functioning of Parliament. On the other hand, Delhi BJP leader Harish Khurana has accused that he has seen a few Congress leaders eating at a restaurant in Delhi before sitting on a protest and observing fast at Rajghat.

  • Under united Opposition, even PM Narendra Modi might lose his Varanasi seat, says Rahul Gandhi

    Bengaluru: Forget the BJP winning the 2019 polls, even Prime Minister Narendra Modi might lose his Varanasi seat under a united opposition, asserted Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Sunday. Pegging his confidence on opposition unity, Gandhi said for that to happen his party, the SP and the BSP need to close ranks. Exuding confidence over roping in and managing alliance partners despite their varied personal and regional