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  • Work-life balance: Never shy away from taking a break, says Raell Padamsee

    Over the past 20 years, Raell Padamsee’s company Ace Productions has made its mark in the field of theatre production, design and execution of mega events. Naturally, she is in the thick of hectic activity all the time but Raell never loses her bright smile and warm sparkle. Here’s how she does it…

  • Elvis Presley! Long Live the King (and his stunning clothes!)

    Ecstatic producer of the Elvis tribute show, Raell Padamsee cheers, “Super excited… here we come with some burning love… Elvis Rocks…Long Live the King!” She’s got that right, alright. Forty years after he passed away, Elvis remains the most awarded artist in pop music history, with 197 gold, multi-platinum and diamond certification awards. More hearteningly, the charisma of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll continues to endure. Elvis ranks among the top

  • Ramayana: Rael Padamsee to revisits the iconic epic

    Raell Padamsee’s new production looks at the Ramayana from a different perspective. Boski Gupta tries to unravel the purpose behind rediscovering the book