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    Demonetisation Health Boon: Cigarette sales go down by 40 percent!

    Since the past months we are hearing lot of things about demonetisation and its effect on how the common man has suffered from the Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 note ban. Also, there were also incidents of people dying due to health issues after standing in long bank queues. There were cases of people committing suicide due to unavailability of cash.

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    6 million Europeans have quit smoking with e-cigarette use

    London: Use of electronic cigarettes, popularly known as e- cigarettes, has helped more than six million smokers in the European Union quit smoking, estimates a new study. In addition, the researchers found that use of e-cigarettes has helped more than nine million Europeans to cut smoking consumption.

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    Smokers quitting tobacco also drink less alcohol: study

    London: People who have recently begun an attempt to quit smoking tobacco are more likely to try drinking less alcohol than other smokers, according to a new study. People who attempted to stop smoking recently reported lower levels of alcohol consumption, were less likely to binge drink, and were more likely to be classified as ‘light drinkers’ (having a low alcohol risk) compared with those who did not attempt to stop smoking, researchers

  • Purab Kohli kicks the butt for good

    Purab Kohli has called it quits with a habit he has been addicted to for over a decade now. The actor has given up smoking for good. This comes as a fresh step towards healthy lifestyle changes that he has been meaning to make for a while now.

  • 10 pc of pregnant woman at gestational diabetes risk

    New Delhi: One of the most common health problems related to pregnancy, Gestational Diabetes, takes its toll on 10 percent of expectant mothers, it has been revealed.

  • ‘Twitter2quit’ to help you kick the butt

    New York: Not just news alerts, micro-blogging website Twitter can help smokers kick the butt in a more efficient way than traditional methods, scientists have revealed. The team from the University of California-Irvine and Stanford University found that a real-time, fully automated, Twitter-based smoking intervention programme called “Tweet2Quit” was twice as successful at kicking the habit as those using traditional ways.

  • There is no ‘Tomorrow’, Just Do it!

    Everyday can be a New Year resolution day to de-addict oneself; one certainly need not wait counting the days and months to do it. Where there is a will there is a way may sound cliché so let’s term it as where there is addiction, there certainly lies de-addiction.

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    Quit smoking at one go!

    Washington: A new study says that quitting smoking all of a sudden is more abstinence compared to quitting gradually. Current guidelines recommend abrupt smoking cessation, where smokers choose a quit date and stop smoking; however, more people seem to prefer taking a gradual approach to quitting, where they cut back on the amount they smoke over time.

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    Unable to kick the butt? Blame your brain

    Washington: Brains of some smokers may be hardwired to succeed at quitting, a new study has found. The study showed greater connectivity among certain brain regions in people who successfully quit smoking compared to those who tried and failed.

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