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  • Result Blues: Psychiatrists cry foul over ‘motivational’ video

    Bhopal: A ‘motivational’ video appealing to students to drop the idea of committing suicide that went viral on Sunday did not go down well with the psychologists and psychiatrists in the city. The video was made in an attempt to check suicides on eve of declaration of the results of the examinations of Class 10 and Class 12 conducted by the MP Board.

  • Mumbai: Parents, doctors use WhatsApp for addressing undermined issues of medical students

    Mumbai: A WhatsApp group has been created by parents of medical students and is also supported by noted psychiatrists, psychologists and medico-legal experts are slated to address undermined issues for medical students. The doctors said that it is a good platform for students to share their emotional or psychological trauma.

  • Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj Ji

    What You Think, You Become

    Most of us speak with words and listen to them, but what are words? They are sounds that convey ideas, right?. For example, when someone says elephant, it may immediately conjure up in our mind an image of the animal that we have come to know as an elephant. However,to someone who does not speak English, the word will fail to bring any image to his/her mind.

  • Bhopal: Crime had little to do with mental disorders

    BHOPAL: Generally, the mental status of a criminal is considered as one of the probable reasons for the crime committed by him or her. But psychologists and psychiatrists say that mental illnesses are wrongly linked with crimes because a murder is always a planned or unplanned sequence of events, caused deliberately by a person in senses.

  • A ‘normal’ person

    Psychologists would view it as a dream and many dreams are indeed weird in nature. Some would view the entire process or the act through the prism of dubiousness, writes Ravi Valluri.

  • Indian opens clinic for rape victims in London

    London : An Indian-origin rape survivor in the UK opened the country’s first maternity clinic for rape and sexual assault victims, providing them with specially-trained midwives and psychologists. Pavan Amara (in pic) has founded the ‘My Body Back Project’, which has jointly established the new maternity clinic with the Barts Health NHS Trust in London.

  • Soothing a stressful mind

     A stressful mind can be smoothened through a three C policy: commitment, control and challenge, writes Ravi Valluri.

  • Comparing Partners

    Comparing your partner with others bad for relationship

    Toronto: Do you often compare your partner with someone else’s when it comes to children’s homework or household chores? Well, be careful as this may be detrimental to your relationship, shows research. According to researchers from the University of Toronto, people do compare their partner to others with significant negative consequences for the relationship. Whether or not someone protects a partner from the negative implications of comparisons depends on the degree to

  • drinking

    Scientists identify four drunk personality types

    London: Do you know which type of drunk you are – a menacing Mr Hyde or a friendly Mary Poppins? Psychologists have found that people turn into one of four character types when drunk. These include the Ernest Hemingway who is barely affected by excessive alcohol; the Mary Poppins who is friendly and compassionate and the Nutty Professor who is transformed from a quiet type to a confident extrovert.

  • Importance of EQ in day-to-day life

    Emotional intelligence is a new branch of psychology. It has become the research focus of many psychologists worldwide. Many of the world’s leading newspapers and magazines have published articles on it. The term emotional intelligence was popularized by journalist and psychologist Daniel Goleman with his books ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and ‘Working with Emotional Intelligence’. Emotional intelligence also known as EQ refers to an ability to perceive emotions in oneself and in others as

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