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  • weight loss

    Feeling full results in weight loss

    New Delhi: A preliminary study might hold the key to why over-80s are prone to losing weight. Though experimented on the oldies, it may apply as well to all ages in losing weight if you feel full after taking food.

  • Male Sperm

    High-fat, low protein diet may hamper sperm quality

    New York: A person’s diet can greatly impact his sperm’s quality leading to harmful gene mutation in his children, scientists including an Indian-origin researcher have discovered. In two studies conducted on mice, they found that a father’s diet affects levels of specific small RNAs in his sperm which, in turn, can affect gene regulation in offspring.

  • Blood pressure measuring on white background

    High-protein diet lowers blood pressure too

    London: Eating high-levels of certain proteins found in meat and plant-based foods can lower blood pressure and arterial stiffness leading to better heart health, a study has found. Eating foods rich in amino acids – building blocks of proteins – could be as good for your heart as stopping smoking or physical exercise – researchers from the University of East Anglia (UEA) found.