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  • No cashless biz on Vidhan Sabha campus Govt dept stalls don’t even have PoS machines

    BHOPAL: To train the members of legislative assembly on ‘how to do cashless transactions’, the Vidhan Sabha administration conducted a workshop during the Winter Session, but the shops of various government-run departments running on the Vidhan Sabha campus are working on ‘only cash’ basis.

  • Aadhaar enabled payments at all PDS, fertilisers depots soon

    New Delhi: In a major push for cashless transactions, PoS machines for credit/debit card as well as Aadhaar-based transactions will be installed at all PDS shops and fertiliser depots over the next few months.

  • Bhopal: Charges on POS sales back; traders say they have no option

    BHOPAL: After demonetisation, the transaction charges realised by banks from merchants were waived till December 31. But now the sellers using POS machines for accepting payments will again have to pay these charges, known as Merchant Discount Rate (MDR).

  • Bhopal: Information provided on cashless transactions

    SHIVPURI: Different programmes are being organised to make aware the people for cashless transaction and for digital payment, through these programmes the information has been given about POS machines and about the use of PayTM. Collector Omprakash Shrivastav said that awareness for cashless transaction is being spread to the public through call centre and helpdesk centre, these centres are formed at all tehsil offices of the district and in national information centre

  • Mumbai: ‘Toll runners’ ease traffic and woes of motorists

    Mumbai: Anticipating a heavy Monday morning rush at the city’s five entry points, ‘toll runners’ equipped with PoS machines were deployed to ease the queues of vehicles and expedite collection at the toll booths on Monday.

  • Now Indian Railways plan to go cashless for ticket booking, renew passes

    Following the Centre’s communication, the Indian Railways has taken its first step towards a cashless and digital economy. Indian Railways now want to introduce the sale of season and long-distance travel railway tickets via credit and debit cards. Indian railways have asked several lenders including State Bank of India and ICICI Bank among others to provide around 15,000 Point of Sale (PoS) machines at the reservation counters by 31 December.

  • Mumbai BEST buses to go cashless to buy tickets, pay bills and renew pass

    BEST is encouraging it 30 lakh bus commuters and 10.5 lakh electricity consumers to go cashless from 10 December as it is introducing e-payment service, a mobile ticketing service, two mobile apps and a facility for credit card payments through ‘Point of Sale’ (PoS) outlets across the city.