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  • Why you should forget and forgive

    All of us at some point in time are given a choice to either forgive and move on with a spring in your step or hold on to grudges close to your heart and move ahead with a heavy inner self, which gets unbearable sooner or later. The grudge may be against a particular person, but the effect it has is on our entire being and it plays a major role in


    August 2018: A month, when the Universe drastically lost its sheen

    Very rarely there comes a year or a month that lingers on to your memory longer than usual, for all the good or the bad reasons. This very last day of August was the one of its kind. It had the power to silence three of the most influential energies we experience in our life – oratory, peace and laughter.

  • Take that boat ride across a river to connect with nature

    In an era of connectivity, it is the bridges and roads, optical fiber cables, modems, Wi-Fi, Hot-Spot and so on. Since one year, every time I visited my hometown I personally felt a strong disconnect within this connect. And I have my personal experiences to support this ‘Slice of Life’. However, well garnished with the herbs of modernity and presented on our daily platter of life it lacked the original taste and

  • A Bollywood lover from Istanbul

    The last thing I expect to hear in Istanbul is a Kishore Kumar song. I also don’t expect to find a neighbourhood named after a Mughal emperor, but I suppose that’s a bit more likely.

  • There is action in inaction and inaction in action

    Are you really not doing anything when you are not doing anything? No, there’s no misprint here, you read it correctly. I repeat; think and answer – Are you really not doing anything when you are not doing anything?

  • When someone asks ‘What do you do?’

    I’m meeting some new people at a dinner, and they ask me a question I’ve come to associate with dinner table conversations.

  • Don’t become a victim of your own mind

    Yes, you are trapped! Don’t look around to find a sign or clue of being confined. But the fact is that you are trapped and you don’t even know you are. It is not a physical confinement, but you are a victim of your own mind and under its captivity and shall remain so, until you realise what freedom from yourself means.

  • A different perception of the situation changes from being serious to hilarious

    You see the signboard ‘Beware of Dog’ on someone’s gate. Your perception is that there is a huge dog guarding the house. Imagine taking that sign and putting it outside your Boss’s office door. Now you have a different perception of the situation changes from being serious to hilarious. Similarly, if you change the frame of a picture, it may appear different to you. The frame may cause the picture to look

  • Amid FIFA World Cup 2018 fever, here’s a guide on life-lessons from soccer

    It’s often seen that where boundaries divide, passion for sport unites. Ongoing FIFA World Cup in Russia will not change the Soviet past but can certainly deliver valuable lessons into the game of life. And all this can be actually absorbed by merely enjoying the game of soccer from the different positions of the players.