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    Bhopal: Research student claims major breakthrough in physics

    Bhopal: A research student of Barkatullah university has prepared cobalt-doped magnetite for the first time in the world. The total composition contains 15 percent cobalt. Research student Abhinav Bhargav who prepared this composition in the university’s research physics laboratory is a milestone in the field of magnetocaloric study.

  • Bhopal: Arts, commerce PG courses find more takers

    Bhopal: There are more takers for arts, commerce, yoga, law, physics and psychology courses for their post-graduation in Barkatullah University than for social work, pharmacy, and electronics disciplines. Data shows that almost 90 percent admissions are in the courses of MA Arabic, MCOM, Yoga sciences, Yoga therapy, LLM, BALLB, MFSC aquaculture, MSC bioscience Msc computer science, MA psychology, PG diploma guidance and counseling, MA clinical psychology.

  • Indore: DHE prescribes annual system for BBA, mgmt fraternity cries foul

    Indore: In a surprising move, department of higher education (DHE) has brought Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programme under the purview of annual patter of exams, inviting flaks from members of management education fraternity.

  • Woman of Substance: Vimmie Manoj painted her way to success

    INDORE: Inspired by her mother’s resilience and strength, 48-year-old artist Vimmie Manoj has carved her way to success and recently, her work has been selected for a painting exhibition in Berlin in December.

  • Three British scientists share 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics

    New York: The 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded to three British scientists for “theoretical discoveries of topological phase transitions and topological phases of matter.”

  • Cats understand laws of physics: study

    Tokyo: Cats can understand some elements of physics as well as the principle of cause and effect, which along with their keen sense of hearing, helps the felines predict where a possible prey hides, a new study has found. Previous research has established that cats predict the presence of invisible objects based on what they hear.

  • Human Pyramid

    How to assemble perfect human pyramid found

    London: Physics students in UK have calculated the formula for a perfect human pyramid and found that the best suited candidates to achieve maximum height are groups of men, women and children. The human pyramid is a popular party game as well as a formation used in cheerleading and gymnastics which involves participants kneeling together to form a row, forming a base for another tier of participants who kneel or stand on their