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  • Ujjain: Digamber Jain community celebrate Paryushan as Dhoop Dashami, uttam sanyam worship on wednesday

    Digamber Jain community will celebrate 6 th day of festival Paryushan as Dhoop Dashami and worship uttam sanyam on Wednesday.
    According to community secretary Sachin Kasliwal all Jain temples will be decorated specially on this day and tableaus on various religious subjects will be exhibited. Kasliwal said that Jain seers Vidaksha, Meena didi and Sadhana didi insisted on sanyam (patience) in their sermons Tuesday. They explained sanyam as suppression of individual senses and

  • Ujjain: UMC starts deepening Neelganga pond

    Ujjain: After removing encroachments Ujjain Municipal Corporation (UMC) started deepening work of Neelganga pond. UMC team removed 15 to 20 trolleys bounders which were filled by land mafias to bring the pond into its original shape. Municipal commissioner gave strict orders to keep a check on the encroachments near pond.

  • Ujjain: Grand procession held on completion of 45 days meditation

    Ujjain: Shwetambar Jain community took out a grand procession on Sunday morning to commemorate the completion of ‘siddhitap tapasya’ or meditation carried out by 72 worshippers for 45 days. Procession included 25 buggies, four vintage cars, four music bands, three elephants, two silver chariots and 21 groups of women. Procession was led by artists who were making rangolis on road.

  • Ujjain: Jain community celebrates birth anniversary of Mahaveer Swami

    Ujjain: The Jain community celebrated birth anniversary of Mahaveer Swami on Tuesday. The Shri Sangh organisation held a procession during which people of the community displayed a silver cradle of Mahaveer Swami. Rituals of ‘Mahaveer janmvaachan’ were performed at all Shwetambar Jain temples to mark birth of Mahaveer Swami on the fifth day of the festival of Paryushan. Community members congratulated each other in a ceremonial function applying holy saffron on each

  • Ujjain: ‘Shwetambar Jain community’s paryushan begins

    Ujjain: The Shwetambar Jain community began an 8 day worship to celebrate the ‘paryushan’ festival which began on Friday. People of the community thronged to Jain temples to mark the onset of the festival. Religious sermons were delivered during the occasion with traditional rituals.

  • Paryushana 2017: All you need to know about the Jain festival of forgiveness

    Paryushana is an eight day Jain festival of reflection and seeking forgiveness for one’s sins. Jainism has two main sects, Svetambara and Digambara. Svetambaras refer the festival as Paryushana which is celebrated for eight days while Digambaras refer it as Daslakshana celebrated for ten days. The festival concludes with the celebration of Kshamavani i.e. forgiveness day. In 2017, the annual festival begins on August 18 and concludes on August 25.

  • Give advance info of festive days for meat sale ban: Bombay High Court

    Mumbai: Bombay High Court on Wednesday voiced concern over the “confusion” among citizens regarding ban on sale of meat during religious festivals in the city. The HC suggested the state government come up with a mechanism wherein it can mark dates for the ban in advance.

  • Surya namaskar: Samajwadi Party men counsel parents 

    Mumbai: After a long fight with the civic body for regularizing Surya Namaskar in civic schools, the Samajwadi Party, on Friday conducted a meeting with parents of students from civic schools to discuss the controversial matter.  The party explained the reason behind disagreeing with the proposal and how the state government was trying to oppress them.

  • MCGM okays Rs 2 cr for shed construction at Deonar abattoir

    Mumbai: Days after the meat ban imposed for Paryushan, the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai will now construct temporary sheds worth Rs 2 crore for the upcoming Bakri Eid at the civic body’s Deonar abattoir. The proposal of Rs 2 crore was passed by the civic body’s 26-member standing committee on Wednesday.

  • Muni Ganivary addresses community on first day of Paryushan

    Ujjain : Young Muni Ganivarya Ratnakirti Vijay on the first day of Paryushan said they should spare time for the world out of the eight days of Paryushan as they spare time for the religion out of 357 days of their daily affairs.

  • BMC revokes its meat-ban resolutions

    Mumbai: The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) on Friday revoked two days of the four day long ban on slaughter of animals during the Jain festival of Paryushan. This decision was taken amid a raging debate that saw the Shiv Sena united with the opposition, leaving its ally BJP to fend for itself.

  • Chhattisgarh also joins ban wagon on meat

    Raipur  : Amid the raging row over meat sale ban in Mumbai and some parts of Maharashtra and Rajasthan during ‘Paryushan’ festival of Jain community, the Chhattisgarh government has also ordered suspension of sale of meat during the eight-day long fasting period and ‘Ganesh Chaturthi’ festival. “Like every year, the Urban Administration Department has issued directives to civic bodies to keep all the slaughter houses and meat shops closed from September 10

  • Meat ban

    After Maharashtra, Rajasthan bans meat sale for 3 days

    Jaipur/Mumbai: After Maharashtra, a ban on sale of meat and fish has been ordered in Rajasthan for three days this month in view of Jain festivals even as the row over such a directive continued in Mumbai where ruling BJP’s ally Shiv Sena and opposition MNS hit the streets to protest. Meanwhile, a controversy erupted in Jammu and Kashmir after the High Court there ordered ban on sale of beef, triggering angry reactions

  • Navi Mumbai bans sale of meat till Sept 17

    Mumbai : Close on the heels of BMC suspending the sale of meat in its markets for four days, now the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation, controlled by the NCP, has announced a similar measure for days that fall within the eight-day Jain fasting period of ‘Paryushan’.

  • Meat ban

    Navi Mumbai civic body bans sale of meat during ‘Paryushan’

    Mumbai: Close on the heels of BMC suspending the sale of meat in its markets for four days, now the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation, controlled by the NCP, has announced a similar measure till September 17, as these dates fall within the eight-day Jain fasting period of ‘Paryushan’.

  • Sanjay Raut

    Jains cannot enforce their beliefs on us:  Sanjay Raut

    Mumbai : Questioning the Maharashtra Government’s beef ban order ahead of a Jain festival, Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut on Tuesday said that one cannot impose beliefs and opinions on others just because they (Jains) consider it to be wrong. “If this is according to your religion, then keep it with yourself. You cannot impose your opinions or beliefs on others. We know the law of this country and we don’t need to