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    New Delhi : Former Karnataka chief minister B S Yeddyurappa and his BJP colleague B Sreeramulu promptly resigned on May 18 as MPs before taking oath as MLAs, but they continue to be on the rolls of the Lok Sabha even after a week.

  • Apex court justifies its verdict over SC/ST Act

    New Delhi : The Supreme Court on Wednesday justified its March 20 verdict on the SC/ST Act, saying even Parliament cannot allow the arrest of a person without a fair procedure and asserted that it has protected the fundamental rights to life and liberty of innocents by ordering prior scrutiny of complaints.

  • Malaysia’s Anwar Ibrahim freed, given royal pardon

    Kuala Lumpur : Reformist icon Anwar Ibrahim celebrated a “new dawn” for Malaysia after he was given a royal pardon and freed from custody on Wednesday, transforming a political prisoner into a prime minister-in-waiting following his alliance’s stunning election victory.

  • To empower govt  to take on fugitive  economic offenders

    New Delhi : After a Bill to deal with the fugitive economic offenders was stuck in Parliament due to daily ruckus, the government on Saturday took the Ordinance route to bring the deterrent law into force. It empowers the government to confiscate, even without conviction, domestic properties and assets of those declared as fugitive economic offenders by a special court for fleeing the country without clearing their liabilities and pay off the

  • Syria air strikes morally and legally right, Theresa May tells Parliament

    London: British Prime Minister Theresa May today made a statement in Parliament to justify her decision to join US-led air strikes alongside France against Syria’s chemical weapons stockpiles over the weekend and declared that it had been a “morally and legally right” move.

  • Ujjain: MP Chintamani Malviya observes fast

    Ujjain: MP Chintamani Malviya observed a fast on Thursday taking a dig at the Congress for halting Parliament every other day.

  • BJP Fast: Congress demands Parliament be reconvened to debate and legislate

    New Delhi: The Congress today demanded that Parliament be reconvened to debate and legislate on key issues and said the time had come for the BJP to “repent and apologise” to the people instead of indulging in the “theatrics of a farcical fast”. Congress senior spokesperson Anand Sharma accused the Bharatiya Janata Party of “orchestrating” disruptions in Parliament to avoid a debate on issues such as the multi-crore-rupee bank scam involving Nirav Modi and Mehul

  • BJP Fast: Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani observes fast in Gandhinagar

    In a tit-for-tat fast, PM Narendra Modi, BJP MPs and other party workers to observe a fast on Thursday to ‘expose’ the Opposition for disrupting Parliament during the budget session. This comes after Congress President Rahul Gandhi staged a protest by observing a day-long fast at Rajghat. The protest was against caste-based violence, communalism, and non-functioning of Parliament, for which the Congress blames the ruling BJP.

  • Parliament washout: A wasted Budget session in Parliament

    The Budget session of Parliament, which finally ended last week, set a new low in several ways. Though pandemonium, disruptions and rushing to the well of the House was by now routine, this session saw virtually the entire post-recess period being fully wasted. Everyone was responsible for the complete wash-out, including the ruling party. Why, even multiple notices of no-confidence motion could not be taken up is a blot on the way

  • Rahul’s battle cry

    Congress to hold mega protest rally against Centre in Delhi on April 29

  • Cong dares govt for short session on no-trust

    New Delhi : The Congress asked the Government not to prorogue Parliament that was adjourned sine die on Friday but call a short session if it were so confident of defeating the no-confidence motion as it will also give an opportunity to discuss other burning issues.

  • No work, no pay for NDA MPs

    The MPs belonging to the ruling NDA have decided to forgo salaries and perquisites for the period the Parliament failed to transact any business. Their decision is commendable. Whether or not it would inspire members of the Opposition to do likewise, is hard to tell, though, in all fairness, they too should forgo the financial entitlements which become due when the House is in session and is actually working. For instance, each