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  • TEDx Gateway 2018: Fell in love with operatic voice at 12, reveals Lyric Soprano Tharanga Goonetilleke

    There are many moments that encapsulates all that is charming about Tharanga Goonetilleke, Juilliard trained opera singer. Her performances have been praised by The Washington Times as ‘magical’ and her voice by The NewYork Times as ‘appealingly rich’. Apparently, the music that made her fall in love with opera was a New Zealander Maori soprano named Kiri Te Kanawa. She was 13 years old and never imagined a path to stardom, let

  • What you can do in one day

    Many years ago, there was a young boy who wanted to become an opera singer. His parents paid for his lessons but the teacher said that he has no future but he persisted. He was put under the care of another teacher. The mother sacrificed her comforts to meet the expenses. The boy Enrico Caruso became the greatest singer of his time because his mother fired and inspired him to become great.