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  • Donald Trump lawyers demand NYT retract sexual harassment story

    Washington: Donald Trump has sent a legal notice to The New York Times asking it to retract a “reckless” and “defamatory” story in which two women claimed the Republican presidential nominee touched them inappropriately, reports PTI.

  • Taliban under pressure to join peace talks, says ex- leader

    Kabul: Months after the Taliban rejected calls by the Afghan Government to participate in direct peace talks, a former top Taliban leader has revealed that the group is under pressure to revive peace talks with Kabul.

  • Exiled Muslim cleric denies involvement

    Ankara: Fethullah Gulen (in pic), a Muslim cleric who lives in exile in the US state of Pennsylvania and who once was an ally of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has condemned the ateempted military coup attempt and denied any involvement in it.

  • Trump Rakes Up Hillary Clinton’s Indian Donations Issue

    Citing a New York Times report, the Trump campaign alleged that as early as 2008, Indian politician Amar Singh had donated between USD 1,000,001 and USD 5,000,000 to the Clinton Foundation. “Singh visited the US in September 2008 to lobby or a deal allowing India to obtain civilian nuclear technology; then-Senator Clinton assured him democrats would not block the deal,” the Trump campaign alleged.

  • Hillary Clinton criticised for emails in State Department

    Washington: The US State Department’s inspector general has sharply criticised Hillary Clinton’s exclusive use of a private email server while she was secretary of state, saying she had not sought permission to use it and would not have received it if she had.

  • Both Clinton, Trump ‘extraordinarily unpopular’: Poll

    Washington: Democrat front-runner and Republican Party’s presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump were deemed “extraordinarily unpopular” as they head into their party’s conventions in July, a new poll showed.

  • Trump sweeps primaries in five US states

    Washington: Donald Trump crushed his Republican opponents in Pennsylvania, Maryland and three other US states, a sweep that put him considerably closer to capturing the party’s presidential nomination outright, while Hillary Clinton won Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware, the media reported.

  • Officials interview players over mixed doubles match

    Melbourne : Two players at the Australian Open said Monday they have been interviewed by officials over reports their opponents may have deliberately lost their first round mixed-doubles fixture, fuelling fresh fears of match- fixing in tennis.

  • Nisar Ali Khan orders inquiry into raid at NYT Pak correspondent’s residence

    Karachi: Pakistan’s Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has ordered an inquiry into the ‘search operation’ carried out by rangers at New York Times Pakistan correspondent Salman Masood’s residence in Islamabad. According to the Dawn, Nisar has sought an explanation into the matter from police and security agencies.He said that such search operations are unacceptable at all costs.

  • Donald Trump wants ban on all Muslims entering US

    Washington : A day after President Obama delivered a national address urging Americans not to turn against Muslims in the wake of the terrorist attacks, the Republican presidential frontrunner, Donald Trump, has called for “a total and complete shutdown” of Muslims entering the US in the aftermath of the California massacre. The most divisive remarks yet by an aspirant to the White House drew swift condemnation from several quarters. According to a statement issued by

  • NY Times, in rare front-page editorial, urges gun control

    New York : he New York Times has published an editorial on its front page for the first time since 1920, using the rare, prominent placement to urge gun control following the latest mass shooting in the United States.

  • Blank spaces replace NYT article on flagging Thailand economy

    Bangkok : The International New York Times said its printer in Thailand removed a piece on the moribund state of the kingdom’s economy today, forcing the edition to carry blank spaces including on the cover.

  • PM to seek grand solar energy pact

    New Delhi: Emphasizing that ‘all’ have to fight the global climate change, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has laid the contours of his stand at COP21 summit that gets underway in Paris on Monday.  On the opening day itself, Modi and French President Hollande will propose a collaborative pact among 122 countries, many of them located between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, for an alliance to be named the International Agency for Solar

  • pakistan

    Reining in Pak’s nuclear programme a global priority: NYT

    New York: Reining in Pakistan’s expanding nuclear weapons programme should be an international priority, according to an editorial in the New York Times which said that the country being home to many extremist groups adds to the dangers it presents for South Asia and the entire world.