Free Press Journal
  • 50 years to give India the Hindu soul

    Amit Shah says BJP will rule for 50 years, i.e., till 2069 from 2019. By then Amit Shah will be history as will Narendra Modi along with an entire generation. Whether Modi and Shah get to become statues on the Sabarmati will depend on whether 50 years is time enough for BJP to reverse Nehruvian socialism and transplant it with a ‘Hindu soul’. Note that 50 years is less than the 70+

  • Cong takes a convenient left turn

    With the Congress now positioning itself on the “left of Karl Marx”, as finance minister Arun Jaitley has said, and its adherence to “semi-socialist” policies being confirmed by the Congress M.P., Kamal Nath, the party can be said to have returned to its original path of Nehruvian socialism.