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  • Narendra Modi interview

    Naredra Modi Interview: Here is a list of questions the media should ask the Prime Minister

    Prime Minister Narendra Modiji gave his precious time to two television networks, Zee and Times Now, but the interview seemed more like a PR exercise rather than an interview conducted by journalist. Though we do want to know, where the Prime Minister gets his strength to work day in day out, but I also want to know what the Prime Minister things about the things that happen around him.

  • Why PM Narendra Modi’s interview felt like a PR exercise

    Sunday evening as you are sitting at home and watching a rather over-rated biopic on Phogat sisters (no, I am in no way undermining the effort of Phogat sisters, I am just a critique of the work of fiction being sold as reality) you cannot help but notice annoying pop-ups on the Zee network coaxing us to watch a rather boring interview of the best Prime Ministers of the country. To be

  • Narendra Modi interview

    The Narendra Modi interview that will never happen. 10 questions I desperately want to ask the PM

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi is trending yet again, with the hashtag #ModionZee. During the ‘interview’ to a leading channel, Modi said that he sees himself as one more common man, who is giving his all for the country. Well, while that remains debatable, Modiji comparing himself to the everyday man, made we wonder whether he too has to do things that the common man