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  • Poor rainfall raises anxiety of people

    Indore : After giving relief, the clouds once again disappeared on Sunday, keeping the denizens waiting for proper downpour of this monsoon season.

  • Heavy rain drenches city

    BHOPAL : Heavy rain lashed the City on Friday. According to meteorological department, 6 mm rain was recorded in the city till evening and it continued to precipitate till filing of the report.

  • Bumper-to-bumper traffic

    Mumbai :  Chartered accountant S K Khemka left his Malad house at 2.30 pm and reached his office at Nariman Point at 6 pm despite taking the Western Express highway.

  • Monsoon brings relief

    Ujjain : Cloud laden skies, strong winds and intermittent showers in the city during the past 24 hours brought back a chilly feeling as the Tuesday temperature came down to 30 degrees Celsius. With unpredictable weather conditions prevailing in the city over the past few days, temperature has been rising and falling constantly, creating humid conditions. During last 24 hours, which ended at 5 pm, more than one inch rainfall was recorded

  • Rains lash districts, bring smile on farmers’ face

    Nagda : Everyone seems to be enjoying the rain, students are getting wet happily and people are wading through the water-logged roads. Farmers also heaved a sigh of relief, as they have sown kharif crops and now their crops are being benefited by the rains. According to weather experts, there are possibilities of heavy rainfall in the next 24 hrs.

  • Elderly woman swept into sea

    Mumbai :  A 70-year-old woman watching the waves at Marine Drive on Monday afternoon was swept into the sea, the police hae claimed. Her body was recovered after a three-hour search operation.

  • Digging expose apathy of administration

    Burhanpur : The streets of Indira Colony have been left plowed for past 16 months. The governmental contractors are influential enough that no official takes an action against them. With the commencement of monsoon, people have now started facing difficulty in reaching at their homes. The conditions of the roads are so deprived, that ambulance or fire-brigades cannot cross the area. The ditches are full of dirty-contaminated water which gives way to

  • Skyrocketing vegetable prices make hole in aam aadmi’s pocket

    BHOPAL : Skyrocketing vegetable prices are making hole in the pocket of public. Prices are almost double to three times more than those previous prices. But now even vendors are surprised on the high prices of vegetables.

  • rains in dharamshala

    Monsoon destinations set to attract tourists

    Indore : The magic created by monsoon in the atmosphere is unmatchable. One can visually observe earth getting erotic and blossoming its essence in the form of green carpets, waterfalls that comes alive during monsoons.

  • Commuters fumed as trains crawled

    Mumbai : Even the monsoon preparation of both the Western and Central Railway was found wanting with trains running 30 minutes late and tracks water logged in several low-lying areas. Services on both Central Railway as well as Western Railway were crippled from the early hours on Friday.

  • FM: Closely watching rains, to take steps if needed

    NEW DELHI : The government is keeping a close watch on the progress of the southwest monsoon, and will take necessary steps if rains turn out to be deficient, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said.

  • Alternate day water supply to come in effect from today

    Ujjain : The monsoon showers which have fallen short by 87 per cent in the area and raining weeks behind the schedule may cause a water scarcity in the city. Rain figures compiled by experts till last week indicate that the city has got 20.2 mm of rainfall in place of the expected 150 mm up to July 9. Weathermen hope the rain situation may improve during the next one month. Many

  • One dies and two injured in electrocution

    Khategaon : Monsoon showered its first rain on Thursday evening. It rained heavily for 30 minutes. During this, a man died of electrocution at Gram Machwaas and two got injured. Due to heavy rainfall, the nearby areas filled with water and people felt relieved. But with the rains, power-cut troubled the citizens as it continued till late evening.

  • Good news: Heavy rains likely after July 13

    BHOPAL : Chief minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan, at a special meeting here on Thursday, reviewed the rain situation in the State.

  • Rains lash city, flood roads

    Indore : Incessant rains lashed the city on Tuesday evening, giving much needed relief to the Indoreans from high humidity.

  • Worrying about drought like situation

    Jhabua : Farmers are now tired of waiting for the monsoon. They have tried all they could, from ‘Totkas’ to all the religious activities. The river, that was the only source of water supply in Jhabua is about to give up. Although clouds were observed since morning, they moved away without providing rains.

  • AC-DC Conversion to hit another road block

    Mumbai : The onset of monsoon has set another road block for the Central Railway officials who are struggling to complete the traction of power to Alternating Current (AC) from Direct Current (DC) between Thane and CST.

  • Narendra Modi


    Prime Minister Narendra Modi — realizing that prospects of a weak summer monsoon and turmoil in Iraq — will make his task of grappling with inflation even more difficult, has called for a meeting of all state food ministers on Friday.

  • Monsoon not till week end

    Mumbai :  Favorable conditions for monsoon are not yet visible in Mumbai and it might take another week for the city to get drenched. Till then, Mumbai will receive scanty rainfall but the sky will remain deceptively cloudy, said Deputy Director General of IMD, K.S. Hosalikar. But even as the grim