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    Pulses to become costlier due to Modi government’s tit for tat trade war

    New Delhi: Dal or pulses, the staple diet for the poor, will become costlier August onwards because of the Modi government’s tit for tat tariff duties on US imports. So, essentially the poor will have to pay for the Modi government’s pig-headed resolve to show President Donald Trump his place for hiking import duty on Indian steel and aluminium.

  • BJP’S Dalit MP flexes muscles

    New Delhi : The Bharatiya Janata Party’s Northwest Delhi MP Udit Raj, a Dalit leader, has raised a banner of revolt against the Modi government, accusing it of giving no attention to his repeated warning that the Dalit community is drifting away from the party for several reasons.

  • Cong to keep aap out of anti-Modi alliance

    New Delhi : The Congress is keen on sewing up an anti-Modi alliance at the national level but it will not join hands with the Aam Aadmi Party in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

  • Mayawati on Shujaat Bukhari killing: Centre should review its Kashmir policy

    Lucknow: Voicing concern over the killing of a journalist and securitymen in Kashmir, BSP president Mayawati today asked the Narendra Modi government to shun its “stubborn attitude” and review its Kashmir policy. The BSP supremo alleged the BJP’s Kashmir policy seems to be guided more by “narrow politics” of the party rather than being guided by the welfare of the people.

  • Economy judged by people’s life: Chidu

    New Delhi : Former Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram on Monday tore apart the Modi government for thousands of empty words on the Indian economy since its fourth anniversary celebrations began on May 26, asserting that what matters to the overwhelming majority is whether the economy made their life worse or better.

  • Government invites applications from in ‘talented and motivated’ professionals private sector for joint secretary-level posts

    New Delhi: The Modi government has decided to have its own in-house dedicated IAS cadre. So, it has invited applications from “talented and motivated” professionals in the private sector — promising them lateral entry as joint secretaries. On the face of it, the government is opening the doors of bureaucracy to the huge reservoir of private talent that exists outside.  But detractors feel it may be a stepping stone to formalising the American

  • RBI consumer survey shows people’s no-trust in Modi govt

    New Delhi : The Modi government has proved to be a disappointment even to people who had high hopes from it four years ago, reveals a survey conducted by the Reserve Bank of India, tweeted Congress General Secretary Ashok Gehlot.

  • Rs 7,000 cr package: A bailout or a trap?

    New Delhi :  The package was fallout of the BJP getting voted out by the farmers of the Uttar Pradesh sugar belt in the recent Kairana Lok Sabha by-election mainly because they did not get their arrears from the mills as repeatedly announced by the government, but even here the farmers have been again cheated.

  • Air India: Failure was inevitable

    The belated and half-baked attempt to disinvest in Air India has suffered a miserable failure. Not a single party showed interest in buying the old and aging white elephant. With the tender terms tweaked in such a manner that whatever little interest there might have been in acquiring control of the public carrier, it was made further difficult for prospective parties. Babudom won over common sense, nay, market sense. Too many missteps

  • Growth estimates a limited recovery

    There’s indeed light at the end of the tunnel. After a succession of increase in price of crude oil in the international market, and consequently of petrol and diesel in India, there is a minor decrease internationally even as the Modi government braces itself for measures to contain the surge. At the same time, this country’s GDP has risen to a seven-quarter high of 7.7 per cent in January-March, 2018 following a

  • Bypolls 2018: BJP no longer invincible, Opposition limits saffron party and allies to 3

    New Delhi: A string of losses in the by-elections is the first indication that the Modi magic is on the wane and that the once-invincible party is on shaky ground in the run up to the general elections next year. This is likely to goad the BJP into a series of desperate measures if it hopes to have a fighting chance of returning to power next year. Before that, it has to also

  • Modi government lacks decision-making skills: P Chidambaram

    New Delhi: Senior Congress leader and former Finance Minister P. Chidambaram said Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led Central Government lacks decision-making skills. “There is complete paralysis of decision making. My only fear is that this tendency does not flow into next government irrespective of who forms it. We have to bring back government’s courage to take decisions. Today we are at the weakest point where decisions are not taken,” Chidambaram

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    Bypolls 2018: A timely warning to BJP

    The results of the by-elections hold several lessons. To begin with, it is a warning to the Modi Government. Unless it does something tangible, something remarkable for the ~aam aadmi,~ the outcome in 2019 could surprise the ruling party. Granted, myriad everyday socio-economic problems of the people cannot be resolved in a single five-year term. But people are always impatient. They want to see real solutions to their existentialist challenges which no

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    Modi@4: Nagging worries, growing challenges

    Since May 26, 2014, the day when Narendra Modi was sworn in as prime minister, the benchmark stock market index has risen nearly 40 per cent, while the mid-cap and small-cap indices have rallied up to 90 per cent. The last four years have seen the market going through a round of bull phase and making successive new highs, as the market cap of all BSE-listed companies rose by over 62 lakh

  • Trying to drive the ‘good governance’ cart

    The unveiling of the ‘saaf niyat, sahi vikas’ theme to define the commemoration of the fourth year of its administration, is calculated to raise another — and by now familiar — storm of controversy for the Narendra Modi government.

  • Four years on, BJP’s party time is over

    While I write this column, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), its leaders and followers are busy in celebrating completion of four years of its Government in the Centre. Essentially it means the celebration of Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he has become ‘the symbol’ of the party, rather the backbone of the BJP’s very existence. Had it not been the relentless efforts by the then Gujarat chief minister and the blunders after