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    August 2018: A month, when the Universe drastically lost its sheen

    Very rarely there comes a year or a month that lingers on to your memory longer than usual, for all the good or the bad reasons. This very last day of August was the one of its kind. It had the power to silence three of the most influential energies we experience in our life – oratory, peace and laughter.

  • Ujjain: Vishnu Vakankar painting competition held, exhibition from today

    Ujjain: The 28th State level painting competition in memory of Padmashree awardee Dr Vishnu Shridhar Vakankar was organised by the Lokmanya Tilak Sanskritik Nyas on Friday. An exhibition for public will be held from Saturday to Monday.

  • music-brain

    How our memories become permanent

    London: Scientists have for the first time identified a mechanism that regulates rhythmic brain waves that play a key role in making our memories permanent.

  • mediterranean-diet

    Want a better memory? Eat Mediterranean diet

    Sydney: A Mediterranean diet can improve your cognitive function, reduce chances of Alzheimer and improve heart conditions, shows a new study. The main foods in the Mediterranean diet (MedDiet) include plant foods, such as leafy greens, fresh fruit and vegetables, cereals, beans, seeds, nuts, and legumes. The MedDiet is also low in dairy, has minimal use of red meat, and uses olive oil as its major source of fat reported IANS.

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    Electrical brain stimulation can boost memory during sleep

    New York: Use of electrical brain stimulation can enhance memory during sleep and strengthen memory in healthy people, says a study. According to the researchers, transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) is a non-invasive method that can potentially help millions of people with conditions such as autism, Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia and other major depressive disorders.

  • Boring, dirty workplace can hamper your brain

    New York: Do you find your office dull, boring and unhygienic? Beware that spending long time at such workplace can hamper your brain function, leading to a decline in reasoning, memory, attention and language capabilities.

  • Why forgetting may be good for memory

    New York: For managing the memories acquired across a lifetime, human beings need to forget — as part of the brains’ system, says new research that has identified a new protein required for normal forgetting by the brain, says IANS.

  • Beware! Retweeting can hamper your memory

    New York: Retweeting or sharing information on the micro-blogging site can actually make things worse for you as it creates a “cognitive overload” that interferes with learning and retaining what you’ve just seen, researchers report. According to the team from Cornell University in the US, that “overload” can spill over and diminish performance in the real world. “Most people don’t post original ideas any more. You just share what you read with

  • Brain injury ups cognitive impairment risk

    New York: Traumatic brain injury may be related to both increased risk and earlier onset of mild cognitive impairment, which typically occurs later in life, says a study. Mild cognitive impairment (MCI), which typically occurs later in life, can involve problems with memory, language, thinking and judgement that are greater than normal age-related changes.

  • Hostile young adults may show memory problems in later life

    Washington: Young adults who have hostile attitudes or do not cope well with stress may be at increased risk of experiencing memory and thinking problems decades later, a new study has found. For the study, 3,126 people were asked questions that measured their personalities and attitudes, ability to cope with stress, and memory and thinking abilities at the start of the study when they were an average age of 25.

  • Declining weight due to ageing has been linked to cognitive impairment

    New York : People having a greater weight loss during ageing are at an increased risk of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) which affects the memory, language, thinking and judging capacity of an individual, says a new study, reports IANS.

  • Raote unveils 8 schemes in Balasaheb’s memory

    Mumbai : Eight schemes, including initiating prime air-conditioned bus services, all named after Balasaheb Thackeray, were announced by Transport Minister Diwakar Raote here on Friday, eve of Thackeray’s birthday, as a mark of respect to the founder of his party.

  • Spice it up to boost brain power

    Washington DC : You may want to start spicing up your dishes as a recent study has suggested that a plant compound found in spices and herbs increases brain connections, says ANI.

  • Daily exercise boosts brain power

    London : Learning, memory, and brain repair depend on the ability of our neurons to change with experience, says a new study, according to IANS.

  • How epilepsy leads to decline in memory

    New York : Reduced cell density in certain parts of the hippocampus –  a brain region that processes and stores memories – may be linked to deficits in short- and long-term memory in people with epilepsy, particularly those with seizures that affect the temporal lobe, new research has found, reports IANS.

  • Jogging helps you stay sharp

    London : Exercise can enhance the development of new brain cells that play an important role in learning and memory of adults, new research has found, says IANS.

  • Physically active adults have better memory

    Washington DC : A new study has found that older adults who get involved in physical activity perform better on memory tasks than those who are comparatively inactive, reports ANI.