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  • Mumbai Mania! Finding peace amidst the frenzy

    Mumbai – The City of Dreams. A city where the dreams are big, but the time is short. Doing justice to the title of ‘the city that never sleeps’, one can be certain that no matter what the time, the roads will be full, the horns will be honking and the people will be bustling. This charm of the city can be alluring at first, but can often lead to burnout to

  • Dialogue with Guru

    The nature of real Dharma

  • Depression: The Dark Corner; why people fall prey to it

    Encountering someone near or dear to us having a sad and long face, is something that we all have experienced at some point of our life. We perceive that condition as tension. But the prolonged tension along with sadness, feeling to isolate oneself from society and losing interest in one’s favourite activities are early signs of depression. Generally the patients are not treated medically as people think it embarrassing to go to

  • Zen Buddhism: Law of attraction

    Without the grace of the Master one only encounters misadventures and roadblocks along the path, writes RAVI VALLURI

  • Meditation: Its importance and benefits

    The practice of mindfulness and awareness are twin techniques and characteristics to remain unattached to events, people, situations, possessions and emotions, writes RAVI VALLURI

  • The energy of water has a lot to offer

    It’s tradition in our family to travel to a new place for every New Year’s Eve. It’s the time we all get a much-needed break and good amount of family time. Last year we visited Bali. We were staying at a beautiful hotel. Our balconies faced the vast ocean and it was a treat for the eyes every day to witness the beautiful sunsets of Bali. But I will make a confession

  • The feelings of pain and suffering

    To define it simply, pain is of the body and suffering is of the mind. We could say that suffering is the pain of the mind. Pain is something we have no control over, but we definitely have a choice when it comes to suffering. Our mind is devious and adept at making a big issue out of inconsequential things, leading to anguish. For example, a toothache is a form of pain

  • Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj

    Spirit of Meditation

    Many of us have certainly experienced this that our mind is always jumping ahead or lagging behind, but it is never in the moment, why? Because it is constantly chattering or wandering, as a result of which it robs us of being in the moment and living life totally. So, how can we live totally when our mind is chattering to itself even while we are engaged in daily activities? The simple

  • Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

    Sahaja Yoga Meditation to de-stress destitute women

    Her Holiness Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder of Sahaja Yoga, who, not only gave self-realisation to millions of people, but also supported the destitute women by setting up an NGO Prem Ashram in New Delhi.  In keeping up to fulfil Her vision, the beneficiaries of Sahaja Yoga meditation while spreading Sahaja Yoga, also care for the destitute women. The Sahaja Yoga meditation is a process of self-actualization that transforms and synergizes one’s inner

  • What Spirituality really entails: 5 observations

    Spirituality focuses on harnessing humanistic qualities such as love, compassion, patience, tolerance, forgiveness, contentment and harmony, rather than any ritualistic dealing. Spirituality has a lot to it but here are a few of my readings on what Spirituality really entails.

  • How a robust mind can resist materialistic desires

    There is a faddish and celebrated Buddhist tale that beautifully reveals the attitude of the mind about hankering and cacoethes. Once upon a time, a monk and his tutee were returning to the Temple of Knowledge late in the evening. The salubrious weather abruptly turned tempestuous and within a fraction of few seconds there was a thunderous downpour.

  • Free the mind of lust and passion

    Aeons ago, during the ancient times in China, lived a gentleman who suffered from the pestilence of heart problem and neurasthenia. The severity of the malady was immense and he found himself perpetually in a lightheaded and wobbly state. He and his family were mentally distraught on account of this quotidian condition.

  • Myths about meditation: Clearing the air

    Meditation is not everyone’s cup of tea, people find it hard to meditate as they are surrounded by many unrealistic misconceptions. For making your mind musing easier Smita Jaykar clears the air about myths linked to meditation

  • Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

    Sahaja Yoga Meditation: Spiritual  Ascent

    “In spiritual ascent when we say it’s easy, it’s not so easy, because it has worked out since ages in a very deep way and even your Mother has worked very hard to achieve it. So, it is easy you should thank your stars. It is not difficult for you, first take advantage of what is available then you can contribute more to it.

  • Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj Ji

    Meditation- The Best Medicine

    It is now being widely accepted all over the world that stress or mental tension is the killer number one because it causes high blood pressure, heart diseases, asthma and many other psychosomatic diseases and even cancer if its duration or frequency is more than an individual can withstand.

  • Indore: Meditation, yoga workshop held at Prestige Institute

    Indore: Prestige Institute of Management and Research organized a workshop on yoga and meditation for its students and faculty members here on Monday. The workshop was conducted by Holistic centre coordinator Prof Khushboo Samota.

  • Bhopal: Vipassana a gift of Lord Buddha to end sorrows

    BHOPAL: In the ongoing workshop on integrated medical therapies at Sanchi University, presentations on the topics of Vipassana, meditation, smile therapy, Mantra therapy and Vedic spiritual hypnosis were given.