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  • Value building – A key Differentiator for Management students

    The real essence of management education lies in the approach and the application of the management concepts through effective teaching – learning techniques and opportunities to apply the knowledge in practical real time situations Management institutes are trying to incorporate new techniques of teaching and enhancing the overall learning experience.

  • Bhopal: Proving business acumen of Indians

    BHOPAL: Sandeep Singh is a person with strange ideas by today’s established norms, especially in the field of management studies. While corporates and management schools were going gaga over western management scholars or Indian management scholars propagating western management practices, Sandeep has different thoughts.

  • Teen Suicide

    Students suicide: Fill the breach in youth

    On national youth day, let’s spare a thought for the 30 teenagers who committed suicide in Kota in 2015, apparently because of “examination stress”. India’s coaching hub, which trains students from all over the country to sit for competitive tests for admission to medical, engineering and management colleges, saw five deaths in the month of June alone. Kota is not an isolated case; India has the highest rate of suicides among teenagers