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  • Cool therapies for glowing skin

    The idea of “cold” is mentally soothing, and which is why cold therapies are garnering attention. The ever-surging reputation of liquid nitrogen cold facials, alias cold therapies, is gifting people with a glowing and scar-free skin they always wished for. Disha Prashant deciphers these new age therapies through the vision of the experts

  • Pune man downs liquid nitrogen in drinks, tears stomach, critical

    Pune : A Pune man downed liquid nitrogen on Friday that tore his abdomen. According to reports, the doctors said that food had spilled out from the stomach, flooding the abdomen and the patient was at a very high risk of contracting a severe life threatening infection.

  • Liquid nitrogen cocktail burns hole in stomach for Delhi man, is it really safe?

    Beware before you consume your smoky, bubbling cocktail. It is nothing but nitrogen in a liquid state at an extremely low temperature. It gives your drink, chaats and ice-creams a dramatic twists. Not many are aware of this but it could be fatal. One such cocktail left a Delhi-man with a hole in his stomach. A 30-year-old man ordered a nitrogen cocktail in a pub. Not aware of the correct way to consume the