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  • Indore: Best portion of a man’s life, his unremembered acts of kindness

    Indore: Whether it is helping a senior cross the street or gifting flowers to make someone’s day pleasant, every little act of kindness adds positivity to the world. Great English romantic poet William Wordsworth said “The best portion of a man’s life, his little, nameless unremembered acts of kindness and love.”

  • Indore: Cycling away from gadget addiction

    Indore: With kids spending most of their times hooked to tablets and electronic gadgets, Shaikh family decided to bring a turn in their life by changing a family trend. “Gadgets are important and essential to survival today, but they also create a distance in family members, which is not good,” hotelier Zafar Shaikh said. Worry took over him as he wanted to bring a change in the trend.

  • Valentine's day 2018, Valentine's Day, looks for Valentine's day, lifestyle, what to wear on Valentine's day, Valentine's Day special, looks for girls for date, looks for guys for date

    Valentine’s Day 2018: Here are 5 appealing looks for special Valentine date for girls and boys

    The day of showering love on your partner, Valentine’s Day is just two days away. Hence, many people must be gearing themselves to plan their special date of Valentine’s Day. Well, if we think about special Valentine’s Day date, first thing comes to our mind is what you will wear for a date, which looks you can carry for that special date and so on.

  • Indore: Rewarding treasure of coins to interact with history & the world around

    Indore: Taking up as a hobby in childhood, collecting and documenting coins has become a passion for 49-year-old businessman Raj Bhadur Singh Gyanee. Spending time, resources and energy to gather coins brings him joy. Sharing his journey, Gyanee said, “Unlike this smart generation, I come from the time when kids fancied and also, treasured every possible thing they came across.” Those days his father used to give him two paisa as pocket

  • Moving cities, rent furniture at pocket-friendly rates

    Moving cities or a change to match your taste, some things are worth spending for as Pritha Banerjee discovers more and more people are opting to rent furniture than owning them

  • Cowboy fashion trend is the latest craze

    Western-inspired or cowboy fashion trend is the latest craze. Sapna Sarfare finds ways to let you ace the style

  • Therapeutic approaches for a better living

    Healing therapy reinforces the resolve for mitigating distress and convalescence, leading to an improved lifestyle, writes RAVI VALLURI

  • Indore: Human Dynamo: The beautiful mixture of opposites

    Indore: Picking out the best of each parent, twins share birth-date but rarely share the same interest and skills. Utilising the best of their abilities and making it work for their benefit, this pair is entertaining and inspiring for those wondering about success.

  • Why (pseudo) feminism is dangerous for the society

    We are living in 2018 and 21st century and the world is progressing rapidly. Human beings are going places with innovation, technology, and science. The very idea of humanity is witnessing a huge shift and this time is about equality, gender rights and justice for all. The age-old debate between sexes is still going on and we are still fighting over superiority between men and women and recently the atmosphere has been

  • Indore: Dwelling in meditative states and joy of colours

    Indore: Representing Indore, painter Shubha Vaidya received admiration from several renowned artists as well as visitors on the inaugural day of art festival being held in Mumbai.

  • Indore: Women of Substance: Sweeping up on desolation row in pursuit of happiness

    Indore: Laughing her way through mishaps, 43-year-old dietician Dr Preeti Shukla has handled all her problems with faith, acceptance and optimism. From being a wonderful mother to becoming a registered dietician and national topper of the examination, are some feathers in her cap.

  • Bhopal: So, what keeps you fit in winter?

    Bhopal: What keeps you fit in winter? Opinions vary. Free Press talked a section of experts on what people should eat in winter season. Nutritionist and dietician Dr Sonali Malhotra said though people love to eat heavy and spicy food in winter season, it is necessary to exercise caution. “Include leafy vegetables and seasonal fruits more in the diet. Fresh juice of cucumbers, spinaches and apples serve better.

  • Indore: Health and Wellness: Go natural for pleasurable winter

    Indore: Being the largest organ of body, skin protects all other organs and in turn exposed to weather changes, irritants and allergens. With fluctuating temperature and extreme cold nights, most people are troubled by dryness, cracks, rashes, dandruff, boils, blisters and worsening of psoriasis. While severe problems require medical attention, some general weather issues can be tackled by strengthening body and protecting skin from allergens.

  • Indore: Ushering New Year with nostalgia narratives

    Indore: Taking the clock back to their youth and childhood, people celebrated the first day of the New Year 2018 by reliving their memories in the form of stories on Monday. Giving the While some took a stroll back to the lanes of their past to discover life in photos, a few travelled back to their days in village for the day, and others struggled to find their inheritance. But, after all,

  • Indore: Carolling all the way to usher Santa in

    Indore: With the arrival of winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, preparations and celebrations for Christmas are in full swing in city.
    Gifted with the long weekend prior to Christmas on Monday, families have organised gatherings, trips and even designed games to celebrate the grant coming of the Santa Claus.