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  • Indians lose over 1.5 years of their lives to air pollution: Study

    Houston: Air pollution shortens people’s lives by over a year, say scientists who suggest that better air quality could lead to a significant extension of human lifespan around the world. This is the first time that data on air pollution and lifespan has been studied together in order to examine the global variations in how they affect overall life expectancy. The researchers from University of Texas at Austin in the US looked at outdoor

  • Biomarker linked to longer life identified

    London: In a pilot study on some of the oldest people of the world, researchers have identified that low blood levels of the peptide hormone are an indicator for good microcirculation that describes blood flow through the smallest vessels in the circulatory system and indicates an increased lifespan, reports IANS.

  • Being overweight throughout shortens lifespan

    Washington DC: People with a heavy body shape from childhood up to middle age tend to die earlier than those who are lean for life, according to a recent study.

  • ‘Elixir of youth’ now closer to reality

    Washington : A pill that could give us a longer life seems to be on the horizon after a team of researchers were able to extend the lifespan of mice by 35 percent, reports ANI.

  • Brainy genes may also help you live longer

    London: Intelligent people outlive their less clever peers because genes that make one intelligent may also be associated with a longer lifespan, according to a new study, says PTI.

  • overweight

    Study reports: Obesity may cut lifespan by up to eight years

    Toronto: Being overweight and obesity have the potential to decrease life expectancy of individuals by up to eight years, says an alarming study, adding that being overweight could be as bad as cigarette smoking.

  • Reducing sitting hours can boost your lifespan

    Washington : A new study has revealed that reducing the sitting hours can help people in protecting the aging of DNA and possibly extend their lifespan, says ANI.