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  • Indore: Look who’s learning to write

    Indore: Following the age old tradition of ‘vidyarambh’ ritual (beginning of learning), nursery students of Prestige Public School wrote alphabet ‘A’ on a plate filled with grain in their first step towards literacy amid fun and fervour.

  • Learning and experience transform behavior said Dr Vikrant Singh Tomar

    Indore: Learning is something which makes permanent changes in our behaviour, said Dr Vikrant Singh Tomar, national trainer, while addressing a workshop organised by Indore Management Association’s student chapter on transformation here at Prestige Institute of Management & Research (PG campus) on Thursday.

  • Here’s how to remember lessons better during exam time

    New York: Do you find it difficult to remember lessons despite reading them over and over again because of the stress that examinations put? If yes, this new study may provide you a solution.

  • Memory-boosting trick: Exercise 4 hours after learning

    Washington D.C: Turns out, going to the gym not only makes you stronger, but also smarter. A new study has suggested an intriguing strategy to increase your chances of remembering new information: Just hit the gym four hours later. The findings show that physical exercise after learning improves memory and memory traces, but only if the exercise is done in a specific time window and not immediately after learning.

  • disturbed sleep

    Fetal alcohol exposure may lead to disturbed sleep

    New York: People exposed to high levels of alcohol in the womb may experience poor sleep in adulthood, which, in turn, is associated with learning and mood problems, says a new study. The findings suggest a new treatment approach for individuals suffering from fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, which is linked to learning, memory and mood problems, and is estimated to affect one in 100 adults.

  • baby

    Research: Bodily posture critical in boosting infant’s memory, learning

    Washington: A robot model for infant learning has shown that bodily posture is critical in the early stages of acquiring new knowledge. Indiana University study offers a new approach to studying the way “objects of cognition,” such as words or memories of physical objects, are tied to the position of the body.

  • Learn mathematics via body movements

    New York: Imagine your kid contorting his or her body and waving arms to master math. This is the future with body-based tasks while interacting with a Kinect for Windows mathematics program, researchers report. The team from University of Vermont found that students learned geometric principles more easily when they incorporated physical movements into maths lesson plans.