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  • Bhootu is a love story and has elements of entertainment, says Kinshuk Mahajan

    After being part of Naagin, actor Kinshuk Mahajan’s super natural journey will continue with the show, Bhootu. However, the genres of both the shows are different, says Kinshuk. “Naagin was supernatural but it was revenge based drama, Bhootu is also supernatural, but it a light comedy. It is not serious at all. The show is a light-hearted drama and people will enjoy it. It is also a love story and has all

  • Vacation time for Kinshuk Mahajan & Shivya Pathania

    Everyone deserves a break, especially when you have long working hours. But what is even better is spending time with the people who matter the most. Actors Kinshuk and Shivya who were busy with their show ‘Ek Rishta Sanjidhari Ka’ are making a quick trip to Delhi, where they have a common set of friends. Now that the show is over, the couple doesn’t have to worry about shoots and schedules.
    Speaking about it, Kinshuk

  • Demonetisation: This is how TV celebs handled the Pay Day situation

    Mumbai: On the Pay day of first week of December, it’s time for TV actors to give salaries to their staff including the makeup man, the domestic maid and driver. The nation is facing the problem to lack of liquidity in the banks and ATMs. The TV celebs, have been very accommodative of the situation, and while following the rule of paying salaries by bank transfer, they have also considered and made