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  • Rahul Gandhi at Bucerius Summer School

    Rahul Gandhi adds fuel to discordant Sikh voices

    For over three years, a revival of sorts has been visible in the movement for a separate Sikh state called Khalistan after the virtual decimation of the movement in the early 1990s when super cop K P S Gill ruled the roost with his unsparing ways.

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    American people have to bear the cross

    Donald Trump is truly different — he evokes a lot of smirks and scowls but having been elected to such a high office, he is lord of his own destiny till such time as the US elects the next President. Strange are the ways of destiny. There had to be an American President to question and repudiate past international agreements like the climate deal of Paris and the US-Iran nuclear deal, agreements

  • Teach Pakistan a lesson for exporting terror

    India has been tolerating Pakistan-sponsored terror for far too long. It is time we put our foot down and show Pakistan that enough is enough. Not just Pakistan but the world at large has begun taking India’s diatribes against the neighbour for acts of terror as routine. We are being taken for granted.

  • There is leverage to Congress appeal in Jammu

    As Jammu and Kashmir settles down to a new routine of Governor’s rule with the Mehbooba Mufti government having collapsed following withdrawal of support to the People’s Democratic Front-BJP coalition, a few surmises can safely be made for the future.

  • India needs to be wary of foxy China

    India can ill afford to be coy with China. The Chinese are spreading their tentacles all across Asia and there cannot be any escape from confrontation with it unless this country surrenders to the hegemonic designs of the dragon.

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    But, can India trust Donald Trump?

    It was in 1988 at a meeting between Chinese prime leader Deng Xiaoping and Indian prime minister Rajiv Gandhi that Deng referred to the impending times as the ‘Asian century.’

  • The revival signs of Indian economy

    After the unmitigated gloom peddled by the Opposition and a section of the media, there is light at the end of the tunnel for the Indian economy. The Central Statistics Office’s provisional GDP estimates for 2017-18 suggest that growth recovered to a brisk 7.7 per cent in the January-March 2018 quarter, the highest real GDP growth in seven quarters.

  • Karnataka: Kumaraswamy needs no mercy

    It is a reflection of the gutter level politics that our politicians play that the newly-anointed chief minister of Karnataka, H D Kumaraswamy, has said that he is at the “mercy” of Congress which gave him the coveted position and not indebted to the six crore Kannadigas whose exercise of franchise led him to the post.

  • The hopes of third front have brightened

    It is becoming increasingly clear that Congress supremo Sonia Gandhi’s plan to forge a united front of opposition parties is running into rough weather. Sonia has had a one-point agenda—to foist her son Rahul as the Opposition challenger to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

  • Impeachment motion against CJI: The Congress party has egg on its face

    Just when the fortunes of the Opposition seemed to be looking up with the BJP tending to go on the back foot, the Congress has set the cat among the pigeons. Rank myopia and poor judgement have led Congress president Rahul Gandhi to rake up the issue of impeaching the Chief Justice of India, Dipak Misra, on grounds that are patently petty and ill-thought-out.

  • Surge of negativity across India

    There is a surge in negativity in the country today and it is not all on account of the misdeeds of politicians though that forms a generous part. But, the more we shift all blame on the politicians, the more we as citizens abdicate responsibility for setting things right. Apathy has touched endemic proportions.

  • India and Nepal on the same page again?

    The foreign ministry mandarins in South Block miscalculated hugely when India cold-shouldered K P Sharma Oli in the run-up to the general elections in Nepal. Oli, too, followed a shrill anti-India stance during the election campaign. Left-winger Oli swept to power with a massive mandate last February and is firmly ensconced in the prime ministerial chair while India now holds out an olive branch to him.

  • Innovation remains the weak link in growth of Indian start-ups

    What was for Indians seeking greener pastures in the US a dream come true is fast shaping into a nightmare for many under the Donald Trump administration. With a further tightening of visas under the H1B programme, as of now, many Indians are groping—bewildered and clueless.

  • Rahul Gandh. Pic/ PTI

    Rahul Gandhi burdened with weight of credibility

    The Janata Dal (S) of former prime minister Deve Gowda and his son, former chief minister Kumaraswamy, has had a brief flirtation with power and is looked upon as a crucial element as a third force in the event of a hung assembly this time around.

  • Rahul Gandhi needs a total makeover

    The Congress party’s impressive rally in New Delhi to drum up support for Rahul Gandhi after his anointment as party president missed a golden opportunity to concretise and lay out alternative policies to credibly project to the people that a government composed of today’s opposition parties is capable of giving good governance to the country.

  • An irony in Mulayam Singh Yadav hegemony

    IT is ironic indeed that after decades of Mulayam hegemony, the choice in the party is confined to that one family and that the new generation has a clear edge over the patriarch in these times when in principle youth triumphs over experience and leaders are judged by the company they keep.

  • Strategic ties: India-China tussle

    The ding dong battle for strategic dominance between India and China in the region has taken on various forms, some of which cannot but be unpalatable for India. But it would be wrong to think that it is a one-sided game. The outgoing year has seen more than its share of twists and turns.

  • Not the time for BJP to be complacent

    Modi and the BJP may have won the battle of perception in the immediate aftermath of demonetisation. But over-confidence kills and the BJP can ill afford this.

  • Demonetisation: Still too early to predict Doomsday

    A month into demonetisation there are some hard facts about the assault on the parallel economy that are far from comforting. That the implementation of the reform was ill-planned comes out starkly. There is little point in the government not acknowledging that because it would enhance its credibility if it did.

  • Meritocracy is only incidental in India, Modi and Jayalalithaa are rare

    In State after State, despite the country being a democracy and there being a fair political process of elections in place, influential families are ruling the roost. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and late Jayalalithaa, who rode the political stage like a colossus for three decades before she passed away recently in Chennai, had one thing in common even as they shared a close rapport with each other — both were completely self-made and displayed