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  • Work-life balance: Never shy away from taking a break, says Raell Padamsee

    Over the past 20 years, Raell Padamsee’s company Ace Productions has made its mark in the field of theatre production, design and execution of mega events. Naturally, she is in the thick of hectic activity all the time but Raell never loses her bright smile and warm sparkle. Here’s how she does it…

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    UGC directs colleges, universities to ban sale of junk food on campus

    New Delhi: The University Grants Commission has issued a notice to vice-chancellors of all universities, directing them to ban junk food in college premises. This comes as a reminder of the advisory issued in November 2016 for banning junk food in colleges to ‘set new standards for healthy food and reduce obesity levels in young learners’.

  • Indore: No junk food sale on Campus, says UGC to varsities, colleges

    Indore: University Grants Commission has directed universities and colleges across the nation to ban sale of junk food on their campuses for sake of students’ health. “Banning junk food in colleges would set new standards for healthy food and make students’ life better.

  • No proposal to ban junk food advertisements on television: Government

    New Delhi: The government today said there is no proposal at present to ban advertisements of junk food on television, while nine major food business operators have decided not to advertise products with high fat on children’s channels.

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    Junk food ban: Why Mumbai schools and parents are a worried lot

    Mumbai: School authorities and parents are in a fix after the Maharashtra government’s recent order on ban of junk food sale in school canteens. Though they have welcomed the ban, they are skeptical about the prices of healthy food items and various other factors needed for preparation and sale of the items.

  • What makes you fall for junk food?

    London: Whenever we are tried, instead of opting for a healthier option such as a fruit, most of us prefer that favourite chocolate bar or packet of biscuits. Ever wondered why? Researchers at Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University in Chicago recently presented their results of a study looking into the effects of sleep deprivation upon high-calorific food consumption at the Cognitive Neuroscience Society’s annual meeting in San Francisco, reports Science News.

  • Bhopal: Even men can get breast cancer

    BHOPAL: Not only women but even men can get afflicted with breast cancer, which may be caused due to intense workout gyms, taking supplements for bodybuilding and too much consumption of junk food. This was informed at Dr KN Ganesh of Jawaharlal Nehru Cancer Hospital at a Cancer awareness camp organised jointly by the women’s empowerment cell of Career College and NSS at Career College here on Wednesday. He said besides consuming

  • Indore: Choithram School students spread the healthy word

    Indore: Choithram School students took up various activities under their curriculum activity ‘eat right’ to spread the healthy word on their school premises. Consultant neurologist Dr Pravar Passi witnessed skit enactment on ‘Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy’ by class VI and VII students debating on the topic ‘junk food – bane or boon’. He also interacted with a group of students who prepared healthy dishes of five different countries. An exhibition on ‘say

  • Junk food commercials trigger unhealthy choices among kids

    New York: Junk food commercials on pizzas and burgers during TV programmes influence food choices among children and their brain activities as well, say researchers, adding that the children’s decisions are driven by tastiness rather than healthfulness.

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    Feeling bloated? There is a way to fight it

    New Delhi: Neither are you pregnant nor have you gained weight, so what’s with the waistband suddenly feeling tight? Pain, discomfort and a bloated tummy – the symptoms are familiar to many. “There is no specific reason behind bloating. It may differ from an individual to individual. In some women menses can lead to bloating. Overeating can also be a reason.

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    ‘Fat tax’ for junk food proposed in Kerala budget

    Thiruvananthapuram: A 14.5 per cent ‘fat tax’ on burgers, pizzas and other junk food and a Green tax for vehicles over 10 years have been proposed in Kerala’s CPI(M)- led Left Front government’s maiden budget today that also provided for a Rs 12,000 crore ‘anti-slowdown package’ for taking up developmental works.

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    Binge eating may trigger depression

    New Delhi: Next time you munch on that mouth-watering pizza with extra cheese or enjoy a king-size burger with French fries and soft drink, remember that too much of junk food can not only add extra kilos around your belly but may lead you to depression, warn experts. Binge eating episodes lead to obesity which, in turn, causes depression owing to weight stigma, poor self-esteem and reduced mobility reports IANS.

  • Junk food as harmful to kidney as diabetes

    London: Eating junk foods such as burgers, fries, biscuits and fizzy drinks may cause as much damage to the kidney as diabetes, a new study has warned. Type 2 diabetes is often associated with obesity and the number of cases are rising worldwide at an alarming rate. In type 2 diabetes, the body does not produce enough insulin or does not react to it.

  • Overweight people more likely to eat junk

    London: Overweight people make unhealthy food choices as compared to lean people when presented with real food even though both make similar selections when presented with hypothetical choices, finds a study.

  • The real `junk` in your fast food

    Washington D.C: As if we needed yet another reason to ditch fast food. Pointing out the dark side of our love affair with cheap-and-cheerful processed foods, a new study has revealed the presence of harmful chemicals in them. People who reported consuming more fast food in a national survey were exposed to higher levels of potentially harmful chemicals known as phthalates, according to a study from Milken Institute School of Public Health at

  • Weekend binges as bad as regular junk food

    Sydney: If you are strict with your diet during the week and eat junk over the weekend, then maybe you are undoing all the good work done during the week. Yo-yoing between eating well during the week and bingeing on junk food over the weekend is likely to be just as bad for your gut health as a consistent diet of junk, a new study warned.

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    Eating veggies doesn’t equal to avoiding junk food

    New York: Children who eat more carrots and apples are no less likely to eat candies and fries, warns a new study, suggesting that emphasising on avoiding “bad” food is as important as adding “good” food in children’s diet.

  • ‘Fat tax’ can boost healthy foods’ demand: Study

    New York: Small price differences in food products, which mimic a “fat tax”, can be highly effective in shifting consumer demand from high calorie to healthier low calorie alternatives, say authors of a study that included Indians.

  • Eating French fries may put your health at risk

    New York : French fry lovers, beware! A chemical in your favourite snacks – more commonly associated with heavy industry than crispy fried potatoes – may put you at severe health risk in the long run.