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  • Sex and the city! STDs: Better safe than sorry

    I am worried about sexually transmitted diseases were I to meet up, like and get intimate with someone from dating sites. Is it fair and acceptable to ask someone from a dating website like Tinder to take a test for HIV and other STDs before physical intimacy?

  • Sex And The City: Spouse prefers masturbation

    My husband is addicted to porn and prefers masturbating while watching porn rather than intimacy with me. I am frustrated and sad. He will only have sex with me for procreation and not for intimacy. What should I do?

  • couple on bed

    Here’s how to re-ignite passion in your bedroom

    New York: Has the fire of passion that kept you awake all night in the initial years after marriage all but died down? Don’t fret any more even if it has, for there are ways that couples can sustain – or relight – their passion, new research suggests, reports IANS.

  • Trust breach makes date-app user men go for casual sex

    London: Men on Tinder app generally think that when they go on a date with women less attractive than what her profile picture shows, they are entitled to have casual sex with her to compensate for ‘breach of trust’, finds a study. Researchers found that men think they have a “licence to use women as they see fit”.

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