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  • Sex And The City: Meet the Sexter

    My fiancé admitted that he engages in sexual chats with random and unknown women on the internet, and he visits such sex chat rooms regularly. He calls it a stress buster. While he is a successful professional, I am deeply hurt and concerned about our future marital and sexual life. I am unable to process this. Will he ever stop after marriage? Is this a good enough reason to reconsider my decision

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    Mumbai: BMC fines customers for delay when its server was down

    Mumbai: Strange are the ways of the BMC. Its online server was down for a week between April 13 and April 18, due to damage to an underground data cable at Worli owing to the ongoing Metro construction work.

  • Mumbai: Binge-watching your favourite show likely to cause mental disorder

    Mumbai: Several new entertainment mobile application services that provide subscription-based TV episodes and movies have gained momentum among binge-watchers who remain hooked to the screen till late night. But this addiction is causing indirect damage to the mental health conditions leading to depression and anxiety. A senior doctor said research has shown that binge-watchers are most vulnerable to mental health issues and cause insomnia or sleeping disorder which ultimately further adds up

  • Breaking up Google into smaller companies should be kept open

    London: The European Union (EU) has “grave suspicions” about Google’s abuse of the monopoly it enjoys over Internet search in Europe and is open to breaking the tech giant into smaller companies, the bloc’s competition commissioner has warned. According to ‘The Daily Telegraph’, Margrethe Vestager has said that the threat to split the Internet giant up into smaller companies must be kept open.

  • India based mobile subscribers nearly touch 100 million

    New Delhi: Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI), the apex industry association representing the country’s major telecom, Internet, technology and digital services companies, recently released the latest telecom subscriber numbers, for the month ending January 2018.

  • How IoT Can Streamline the Car Insurance Industry

    Internet of Things or IoT is set to automate the traditional processing of auto insurance industry. It will provide added opportunities to the automotive insurance companies to garner their customers’ data and will also help them deliver advanced insurance services in a personalized manner.

  • Know these 5 things before investing in mutual funds via SIP

    Mutual funds today are everywhere, be it on TV, newspaper or various places on the internet. There is a good chance that every time you hear about mutual funds, it is followed by a powerful three-lettered abbreviation, SIP, “S – Systematic, I – Investment, P – Plan”.

  • Indore: Net can make & break one’s life

    Indore: Reviving an era sans Internet and smart phones, Create Stories Social Welfare Society organised ‘Internet par Gupshup’ at a café here on Sunday. While internet has connected people all over the world, it has also created a gulf among people living together and resulted in anxiety and depression even among young children.

  • Check Out: The Ranveer Singh-Deepika Padukone’s kiss that is breaking the internet

    The internet works in mysterious ways. Some really eyeball grabbing posts are uploaded everyday but many of them never make news. Some of these do make it to the news, but after years. That’s what happened recently with regards to a kissing shot of Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone.

  • Net, Potter, Bhagat changed the way how India read: Devdutt Pattanaik

    New Delhi: The publishing industry in India underwent a major change over a decade ago, thanks to the Internet, Harry Potter and Chetan Bhagat, says popular writer Devdutt Pattanaik. With over 30 books to his credit, Pattanaik recalls how around 2005-06, he was still a part-time writer when the game for writers changed. Trained in medicine studies, he worked in the pharmaceutical industry and wrote part-time, initially as a hobby which he had developed

  • Bhopal: Railway station bookstalls going the way of the Dodo?

    Bhopal: Fifty-seven -year-old AH Wheeler & Co Pvt Ltd, 24-year-old Mehta and Sarvodaya Book Stalls at Bhopal and Habibganj railway stations respectively are on the verge of closure. In last three years, their sales are down by up to 90 per cent due to Internet-enabled mobile phones and free Wi-Fi at railway stations. Demonetisation, the persons manning the book stalls say, is also one of its reasons.