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  • Hijab row: Students bound to follow dress code, says St Agnes college management students protest

    Mangaluru: Facing protests by a section of students for not allowing them to wear Hijab (head scarf) in a classroom, the St Agnes college management here today said that students are bound to follow the dress code prescribed. A group of students and Campus Front of India had protested outside the college on June 25 against the ‘denial of right’ to wear head scarfs.

  • Do We Not Bleed?: Reflections of a 21-st Century Pakistani by Mehr Tarar- Review

    Gripping. Yes, it is. Every chapter has to be finished in one go, but you cannot read the whole book at once. It is not a one night read. It’s heavy. Easy to understand, but difficult to swallow. The harsh realities of women in the 21st-century country, ‘where movement of female body is prohibited’, Mehr Tarar encloses pity, fear, anger and disgust with every chapter.

  • Saudi women marks Women’s Day with jog in Jeddah Riyadh

    Saudi Arabia: A group of women recently took to the streets of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia for a jogging session on the occasion of International Women’s Day, in an activity where they did not always have the freedom and privilege to do so.

  • Thane: Mumbra school bans hijab in premises for security reasons

    Thane: The principal of Mumbra Symbiosis in Thane said that the school has banned Muslim female students and parents from wearing hijab (veil) on the premises for security reasons. The principal’s statement has come after reports surfaced that Muslim female students and their parents were banned from wearing hijab in school.

  • Chess player fired by Iran over hijab switches over to US team

    Tehran: A young woman banned from the Iranian national chess team, allegedly for attending an international competition without wearing an Islamic headscarf, has joined the US team, an Iranian news agency reported. The semi-official ISNA reported that Dorsa Derakhshani refused to wear the headscarf, known as the hijab, during a February competition in Gibraltar, and joined the US national team.

  • Muslim basketball player benched for wearing hijab in US

    Washington : A 16-year-old Muslim high school girl in the US was not allowed to compete in the regional basketball finals despite playing a full season of games because of her hijab.

  • Cops forced Muslim woman to remove hijab

    New York : A Muslim woman has filed a lawsuit in a court here alleging that police officers forced her to remove her hijab and snapped photos of her after ‘false arrest’.

  • Trump backer kicks and shouts at Hijab-clad woman at JFK

    New York : A Hijab-clad Muslim airline employee in the US has been racially attacked, kicked by a man who shouted slurs at her and said “Trump is here now” and “he will get rid of all of you”, officials said.

  • Muslim woman assaulted in Aus, hijab torn

    Melbourne : A hijab-clad Muslim woman was allegedly assaulted in Australia with a beer bottle and her headscarf torn off after her attacker said “merry Christmas” but she replied with “happy holidays”.

  • Woman sues US firm after being ‘rejected’ for hijab

    Chicago : A Muslim woman has sued a security company in the US for discrimination, alleging that the firm rejected her for employment because of her faith and her hijab, reports PTI.   The Council on American-Islamic Relations has filed the federal lawsuit on behalf of Zahraa-Imani Ali, from St Louis County, Missouri, alleging that a nationwide security firm discriminated against prospective Muslim employees. Securitas Security Services refused to hire Ali, “at least in

  • Hijab-wearing Muslim women face discrimination in UK: Report

    London: Muslim women in Britain who wear headscarves are routinely being passed over for jobs or being side-lined in the workplace, with 71 per cent of the women from the community more likely to be unemployed than white Christian women, a new report by British MPs warned today.

  • Pak religious body recommends allowing husbands to beat wives

    Islamabad: Pakistani husbands can ‘lightly’ beat their wives if they disobey, according to a controversial recommendation made by a state-affiliated Islamic body in its new women protection bill.

  • US Olympian asked to remove hijab at a cultural festival

    Houston: Amid increasing rhetoric around Muslims in the US, an Olympian was asked to remove her hijab for a photo on her ID badge by the staff at a cultural event in Texas, following which the organisers apologised to her. Ibtihaj Muhammad, an Olympian fencer, was picking up an identification badge at the interactive Texas festival South by Southwest (SXSW) event on Saturday when a volunteer told her she must take off her hijab before her photograph could be taken.