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  • Mumbai, differently abled kids, Children, health issues, New Horizon Child Development Centre

    Mumbai: Differently-able kids to be treated on par

    Mumbai: In order to bring all the children’s suffering from some health issue under one roof and helping them in improving their educational and development skills, the city-based paediatrician started a dedicated centre “New Horizon Child Development Centre’ at the Hinduja Healthcare Surgical, Khar. The Hinduja Healthcare Surgical has taken a visionary step in holistic child care by inaugurating New Horizons Child Development Centre in the Out Patient Department building of the

  • Bhopal: Youths are becoming self-centered, says Prof M Jagdish Kumar

    BHOPAL: “Youth is faced with health issues and has less concentration power. They are becoming self centred which results in communication gap with their parents and society. Student should know their aim and work hard,” said vice-chancellor of Jawaharlal Nehru University Prof M Jagdish Kumar.

  • Deprived of sleep? You may soon face these health issues

    London: Sleep is the easiest thing to forego by hardworking individuals. What we don’t realize is, when sleep fails, one’s health declines along with the quality of life.

  • Bhopal: Women should take care of their health says Mayor Ashok Argal

    MORENA: Women should take care of their health. Health camps for women are being held from the village to the district levels to make them aware of the health issues and to promote their wellbeing. This was stated by Mayor Ashok Argal while inaugurating a health camp for women at the district hospital here on Wednesday.

  • Mumbai: Health issues on rise as mercury dips

    Mumbai: The air quality in Mumbai city in the last few weeks has been oscillating between poor to average, resulting in increasing number of health issues. Sniffing, cough and viral are the common ailments that people have been suffering from. The twin factors of unusually low temperatures at night time in Mumbai along with slow movement of wind is causing high pollution levels in the city and resulting in a hazy presence of smog.

  • Exercise hormone can help shed, prevent fat

    New York: Does working out feels like more of pain to you? Take heart. Exercise releases a hormone that can help your body shed fat and keep it from forming again, which may also act as potential target to fight obesity, diabetes and other health issues, a study has found.

  • Online comments may affect your views on health issues

    Washington D.C : One important domain, wherein the Internet plays an increasing role is health information access. Now, a study has revealed that one-sided comments posted on online news articles may influence readers’ opinions about health-related topics. This raises questions about how health social media should be moderated, especially considering the potentially polarized nature of these forums.

  • coffee

    Coffee makes subtle changes in your brain

    London: Do you know having a cup of coffee makes small changes in your brain just like skipping breakfast does? Now, MRI scans taken by a researcher of his own brain over the last 18 months reveal brain changes not observed before.

  • A B Bardhan continues to remain critical

    New Delhi : The condition of CPI veteran AB Bardhan, who was admitted to a hospital here after he suffered a paralytic stroke, continues to remain “critical”.

  • Online shopping prevents hypertension, depression

    New Delhi : Online shopping prevents work-related stress and several types of health issues caused by it like hypertension and depression, a study revealed, reports IANS.

  • New protein to help fight stress

    London:  Scientists have discovered a protein that can help develop new strategies to treat the effects of stress on the body.

  • etc-exercise

    10-minute exercise can curb heart disease risk in teens

    London: Adolescents who perform just eight to 10 minutes of high-intensity exercise three times a week could be significantly reducing their risk of developing a heart condition, new research has found.

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