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    Let’s talk period! Making the monthly cycle of woes hygienic

    In the run-up to the Menstrual Hygiene Day that is marked all over the world on May 28, meet people and get to know about the products devised by them that are an endeavour to make the monthly cycle of woes a healthy, hygienic and happy one for many women across the country.

  • Improve India’s public health system with feedback

    Anita sits in the back of a crowded waiting room of a government hospital in Uttar Pradesh, her four-year-old son leaning weak and ill on her lap. He is suffering from diarrhoea, one of the leading killers of children in India. She had carried him to four village doctors before one finally persuaded her to take him to a hospital. Anita earns at most Rs 10 a day, yet she was willing

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    Forget Me Not! How India is fighting dementia

    Over the next 15 years, the number of Indians living with dementia will almost double, meaning more Indian families will become caregivers, writes Vibha Singh

  • Mumbai: Binge-watching your favourite show likely to cause mental disorder

    Mumbai: Several new entertainment mobile application services that provide subscription-based TV episodes and movies have gained momentum among binge-watchers who remain hooked to the screen till late night. But this addiction is causing indirect damage to the mental health conditions leading to depression and anxiety. A senior doctor said research has shown that binge-watchers are most vulnerable to mental health issues and cause insomnia or sleeping disorder which ultimately further adds up

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    Mumbai: Edible ice from street vendors contaminated with Escherichia Coli bacteria, shows BMC Survey

    Mumbai: The BMC recently conducted a survey in which it collected around 410 samples of edible ice which revealed that more than 90 per cent edible ice samples collected were contaminated with the Escheria coli (E. coli) bacteria. Out of 410 samples of edible ice collected from street vendors, shops and restaurants between March 1 and 31, 400 samples tested positive for E. coli.

  • Thane’s civic hospitals soon to don a digital look

    Thane: Thane’s biggest civic hospital will soon don a digital look as the Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) has planned to implement ‘Hospital Information Management System’ project which will cost around Rs 14 crore. The digital hospital will have a complete medical history of patients as well as the record of students studying at its medical college.

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    Mumbai: Oral drug strips soon to be launched for bedridden patients

    Mumbai: In a bid to provide relief to bedridden patient from gulping down several medicines on a daily basis, a Nashik-based pharmaceutical company has procured a first-of-its-kind multi-layer oral thin films (OTF) or drug strips that melt when kept on the tongue. A senior health official said this drug delivery method has already received approval from Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation and will be available at a similar price as the tables.

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    Exercising can bring happiness

    Brisk walking, gardening or weightlifting help you lose weight. But did you know that exercise can also make you a joyful person? According to a new study, the frequency and volume of physical activities undertaken may actually boost your level of happiness.

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    Acute congestive glaucoma: Keep an eye on your vision

    Shillpi A Singh speaks to experts about acute congestive glaucoma an uncommon condition where the pressure in the eye suddenly rises, which might cause vision loss

  • World Health Day: Here are the top Bollywood celebrities that will give you fitness goals

    March 7 is observed as World Health Day and this year’s theme is ‘Universal health coverage: everyone, everywhere’. It’s not new that health plays an important role in our lives. But still, when it comes to actually putting efforts for our health we need something to motivate us. Bollywood celebs always influenced our lives and here are some of the top celebs that will give you fitness goals.

  • Mumbai: Chemo facility to be available at district hospitals

    Mumbai: In a first of it kind initiative, the chemotherapy treatment will be made available at district government hospitals. The first phase of this scheme will be launched in June and this facility will be made available at 10 district hospitals. The doctors said this decision will help thousands of poor people, who are living in remote areas and can not afford private medical treatment.

  • Mumbai: One-year-old boy undergoes liver transplant

    Mumbai: A critically ill one-year-old baby, weighing 6.5kg, underwent a liver transplant surgery in Navi Mumbai recently and has recovered well, making him the smallest infant in Maharashtra to have successfully faced such a procedure, doctors said on Thursday. The baby’s aunt Divya, donated a part of her liver.

  • Mumbai: Soon, street vendors may be wearing gloves to serve food

    Mumbai: For the welfare and well being of the citizens, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) issued a notification to all states commissioner of Food Safety to start a systematic campaign for creating awareness amongst all citizens to discourage the simultaneous handling of food and currency notes and or coins.

  • Mumbai: Political pressure to blame for One-Rupee Clinics shutting down

    Mumbai: In a sudden change of stance, Dr Rahul Ghule who introduce the One-rupee clinic in April 2017, for providing emergency and affordable medical treatment at the various central railway stations, has now decided to shut down all these clinics. He cited ‘political pressure’ as a reason for his decision.

  • Supplements: The truths and myths

    ‘Supplements’ the term in itself opens different pages of the same book. Herbal supplements or health supplements both are trying their level best to help give you a better lifestyle. Disha Prashant takes you into the truths and myths about supplements