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  • Nargis Dutt

    Google celebrates Bollywood actress Nargis 86th birth anniversary

    New Delhi : Google has marked late Bollywood actress Nargis Dutt’s 86th birthday with its doodle. Born in Calcutta (Kolkata), the actress, who was married to late Sunil Dutt and had three children with him, including actor Sanjay Dutt, had started her career as a child star in the Indian film industry at the age of six in 1935. She went on to be one of the most renowned actresses in Bollywood and

  • Google seeks to expand Android OS beyond cellphones

     Washington:  Multinational technology giant Google has announced its intention to expand its Android mobile operating system (OS) beyond cellphones.  The company announced on Thursday its big product lines for the coming months at its annual conference of developers in San Francisco, where it presented its new version of the Android OS, which is already used in more than 1.3 billion devices worldwide, EFE news agency reported.

  • sony xperia-m4-aqua-black

    The Sony Xperia M4 Aqua: The mid range market just got a little more competitive

    The smartphone market is an interesting, dynamic and often times confounding place. Because Android is a well used, relatively easy to integrate and therefore popular choice for handset manufacturers, Google’s proprietary software, now in its 5th generation, has found quite a few takers, What’s most heartening however is the plethora of handsets available in every price range. From Rs. 4,000 to upwards of Rs. 40,000, there’s an Android device, it seems for everyone.

  • Google Doodle

    Google doodle marks US astronaut Sally Ride`s 64 birth anniversary

    New Delhi : Google has marked late American astronaut Sally Ride’s 64th birthday with its animated doodle. Ride, who was born in Los Angeles in 1951, had joined NASA in 1978 and had become the first American woman to have gone to space at the age of 32, and flew twice on the space shuttle Challenger. She was also the youngest American astronaut to travel to space, and remains so till date. Ride, who was

  • Google patents creepy internet toys for homes

    London : Google has filed a patent for internet-connected creepy-looking teddy bears and bunny rabbits which could keep a watchful eye on children, eavesdrop on anything we say and control smart home appliances, reports PTI.

  • Google

    Women form only a third of India’s internet population: Google

    New Delhi: Only one-third of the total Indian population with access to the internet are women, says a survey conducted by Google. The survey revealed that 49 percent of women do not see any reason to access the internet. “While there is low awareness about the benefits of Internet amongst women in India, there are many who want to get online to succeed in life,” said Sandeep Menon, country head marketing for

  • Google to test self-driving car on public roads soon

    Washington : Google is set to release its self-driving car on public roads this summer, reports ANI. The prototypes, which will have safety drivers and a 25mph cap, will be running the same software as used by Google’s self-driving Lexus RX450h fleet, the basis of the company’s research before it announced an entirely original car, the Verge reported.

  • CCI probing Google in four cases: FM

    New Delhi : The Competition Commission, which had ordered probes against Google in four different cases for alleged abuse of dominant market position, has received a combined investigation report in two cases till date, parliament was told on Friday.

  • Arun Jaitley

    CCI probe against Google in four cases: Arun Jaitley

    New Delhi: The Competition Commission had ordered probe against Google in four different cases for alleged abuse of dominant position while it has received a combined investigation report in two cases so far, Parliament was informed today. Corporate Affairs Minister Arun Jaitley told the Lok Sabha that Competition Commission of India (CCI) has received four cases against Google for alleged abuse of dominant position.CCI has directed its Director General (DG) to investigate these

  • Google

    Google opens its first Asia startup campus in Seoul

    Seoul: Google’s first campus for startups and entrepreneurs in Asia has opened in a glitzy neighbourhood of South Korea’s capital Seoul. Google today cited South Korea’s flourishing startup scene and pervasive smartphone use as the reasons for picking Seoul after opening similar sites in London and Tel Aviv.

  • google

    Google claims to be bigger on mobiles as compared to desktops in 10 countries

    Washington : Google has claimed that the company is now bigger on mobile phones than desktops as it is now offering more Google searches on mobiles as compared to the latter in 10 countries. According to the Verge, Google is focusing more firepower than ever before on meeting the demands of mobile users. The 10 countries where Google claims to offer more Google searches include the US and Japan. Google also tweaked its search algorithm

  • Voice search service ‘Ok Google’ can now be used by third-party apps

    Washington: Google’s voice search service can now be used on apps developed by third-party developers. Ok Google is the voice search service of Google. Apps like NPR One, TuneIn, Zillow, Flixster, TripAdvisor are enjoying early access to the Custom Voice Actions feature.

  • News on phones spelling doom for newspapers?

    New York : Readers are increasingly shifting to their smartphones to access news than their PCs, says a Pew Research Centre survey, reports PTI.

  • Google Glass

    Italian eyewear maker Luxottica claims next gen Google Glass coming soon

    Washington: The CEO of Italian eyewear maker Luxottica has said that the next generation Google Glass will be coming out soon and that the company will continue its partnership with Google to make the device more stylish. According to the Verge, Massimo Vian said in a shareholders meeting that there are second thoughts in Google on how to interpret the third version of the Glass. However, the second version has not yet been completed and there

  • Google

    Google most attractive employer in India: Randstad

    New Delhi: Google has emerged as the most attractive employer in the country followed by Sony, according to leading human resource consultancy Randstad. Microsoft India, which topped the list consecutively for the past four years, has been inducted into the ‘hall of fame’ category this year. The sector-specific special recognition awards this year has been awarded to Tata Steel for manufacturing, P&G for FMCG and Honda India for automobile verticals. Besides these firms,

  • Loch Ness, Google

    Google marks 81st anniversary of iconic Loch Ness monster photo with doodle, Street View map

    London: Google celebrated 81st anniversary of iconic Loch Ness monster photo with its doodle and Street View map. People determined to spot the elusive Nessie can now use Google Street View to search for the supposed ancient beast online, the Independent reported. The photograph of the Loch Ness Monster, one of two pictures known as the “surgeon’s photographs,” was allegedly taken by Colonel Robert Kenneth Wilson, though it was later exposed as a

  • Google

    Google intends to speed up web with QUIC Protocol

    Washington : Google has revealed that about half of all requests from Chrome to Google’s servers are now served over QUIC, a protocol that speeds up the web. The name ‘QUIC’ stands for Quick UDP Internet Connection and refers to Google’s experimental, low-latency Internet transportation protocol over UDP, a protocol that is often used by gaming, streaming media and VoIP services, reported TechCrunch.

  • google

    Google now shows links to install apps with relevant content using mobile search

    Washington : Google rolled out a new service, which shows users links to download apps that have content which is relevant to their search. The app-download links will appear alongside links to normal websites. Once users has download the app that appears in search results, they simply have to click ‘continue’, Google will automatically bring them to the part of the app that is relevant to their search.