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    Fuel price hike: Stay the course

    We know Narendra Modi is like no other Prime Minister but even he relies on voters to get elected to power. And with another general election looming large, it will be hard to resist for anyone in his position to roll back the incessant rise in prices of petroleum products. Price of petrol and diesel on Monday, in Mumbai were a record Rs 86.06 a litre and Rs 78.27, an increase of

  • petrol price hike, petrol price, K R Sudhaman, GDP, economy

    Fuel prices surge for 15th day, touches Rs 86.06 in Mumbai

    New Delhi: Petrol and diesel prices continue to touch another peak for the 15th consecutive day, with the key transportation fuel being sold at Rs 78. 27 per litre in Delhi. The revised petrol prices in metropolitan cities are- Delhi: Rs 78.27 per litre; Mumbai: 86.08; Kolkata: 80.76 and Chennai: 81.11.

  • petrol price hike, petrol price, K R Sudhaman, GDP, economy

    Fuel price hike: The constructed myopia of the market

    It was less than a year ago that the government put out some sure shot views that in sum said: “Oil prices are broadly capped”. The words came in the Economic Survey 2016-17, Vol 2 of Aug 2017, which reported with rather uncanny surety, “Shale technology will ensure that prices cannot remain above (the $50 ceiling)”. Soon enough, prices started rising. Rather wisely, the next Economic Survey (2017-18 of Feb 2018) remembered

  • No escape from oil subsidy in short run

    With crude oil prices having risen internationally by two-thirds in the past 11 months and considering that there is a no-subsidy policy in India in respect of petrol and diesel, there is a back-breaking burden on the Indian consumer that cannot be ignored. Elections in the BJP-ruled states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhatisgarh are round the corner and general elections in the entire country are a mere year away so the

  • petrol price hike, petrol price, K R Sudhaman, GDP, economy

    Surging petrol prices may ease as crude oil cost declines

    Mumbai: Petrol prices across the four metro cities rose for the 12 consecutive day on Friday, but consumers can expect some respite in the coming days as global crude oil cost eased. In the national capital, price of petrol rose to Rs 77.83 from Rs 77.47 per litre on day-to-day basis.

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    Nitin Gadkari advocates bringing fuel under GST to curb price hike

    New Delhi: With petrol and diesel rates skyrocketing on a daily basis,  Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari on Friday advocated bringing fuel under the GST to curb the price hike. “Petrol and diesel should have been brought under the Goods and Services Tax. I asked officials during a presentation if we bring fuel prices under GST will it benefit the states or not.

  • petrol price hike, petrol price, K R Sudhaman, GDP, economy

    Fuel price hike: Petrol, Diesel prices continue to rise for 12th straight day

    New Delhi: Fuel prices continued to increase for the 12th straight day today, with petrol and diesel prices hiked by 32 and 18 paise, respectively. As per the Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL), revised petrol prices in metropolitan cities are Delhi Rs 77.83 per litre; Mumbai 85.65; Kolkata 80.47 and Chennai 80.80; whereas diesel prices are: Delhi 68.75; Mumbai 73.2; Chennai 72.58; Kolkata 71.30.

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    Petrol excise duty cut will hit welfare schemes: Nitin Gadkari

    NEW DELHI: The BJP cannot afford to cut excise on petrol; to do so would be to jeopardise most of its welfare schemes which subsist on government subsidies. Speaking to a mainline newspaper, Union Minister for Roads and Highways Nitin Gadkari has even sounded a note of caution in this regard.

  • Ujjain: Congress workers take to streets to protest hike in price of petroleum products

    Ujjain: City Congress committee and its block units organised a dharna at different places here on Wednesday in protest against steep hike in the rates of petrol and diesel. Despite strict police ‘bandobast’, the party workers somehow managed to burn the effigy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a mark of their protest.

  • Indore: Congress fetes people for buying high-price petrol

    Indore: Targeting the union and state government over fuel hike, the local Congress party activists staged demonstration at most petrol pumps in the city on Wednesday. Congressmen not only raised slogans against continuous fuel hike but felicitated commuters present at petrol pumps for being brave enough to buy fuel at high rates.

  • Fuel price hike may lead to increase in air fares: Experts

    Mumbai: The nearly 30 per cent increase in aviation turbine fuel (ATF) over the last one year could compel domestic airlines to go for a upward fare revision to offset the increased cost of operations, according to experts.

  • Petrol price can be cut by Rs 25 per litre: P Chidambaram

    New Delhi: Congress leader and former Union Finance Minister P. Chidambaram on Wednesday criticised the Centre for the fuel price hike and claimed that the rate can be reduced by Rs 25 per litre but the government is not doing it.