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  • Friendship Day 2018: Bollywood friendships that have stood the test of time

    Friendship is the most beautiful relationship and while talking about friendship how could we skip on B-town besties. It is a well-known fact that the B-town friendships don’t last beyond a few years. In the showbiz, actors are competitors and relationships are superficial. However, some Bollywood buddies have stayed with each other through thick and thin. In fact, their friendship has only evolved over the years and

  • Friendship Day 2018: Once couples, they are now friends

    While some actors are making headlines for being ‘crazy in love’ for each other, there are others who are either divorced or separated, but continue to remain ‘good friends’. Gone are the days when celebrity ex-couples never crossed paths, but now, the new age Bollywood ex-couples are breaking the ‘break-up’ code, by sharing the friendly bond with each other. Here are a few examples:

  • salman khan

    5 things that prove Salman Khan is Bollywood’s best friend

    Salman Khan isn’t just an actor, he is the darling of the adoring masses. In the past three decades, he has featured in a countless number of films and has earned flak and hero worship with equal gusto. Even Bollywood superstars had several times admitted that Salman is a phenomenon, both on and off screen. B-town sees him more as a family. And like every coin has two sides, the Bhai of

  • friendship day wishes

    International Friendship Day 2018: Wishes, messages to share on WhatsApp, Facebook and SMS

    Ever thanked your friend for being always with you when you needed them the most? For always being with your ups and downs. With International Friendship Day upon us, it is the perfect time we appreciate the contributions of friends for being in our lives. In 2018, International Friendship Day falls on August 5, let us thank all the beautiful souls in our life. This friendship Day meet each other and cherish

  • friends travel

    International Friendship Day 2018: Revive the old bonds this Friendship Day with these tours

    Traveling is the truest test of a friendship and when you find someone who is as crazy as you. It is entirely a different story. If you have a travel companion that understands you is like hitting a jackpot. All quirks and habits come out in open when you travel together over a couple of days. In the end, all you will have are crazy and hilarious memories together and having somebody

  • friendship

    Friendship Day 2018: 10 friendship quotes by popular personalities that beautifully defines the relation

    Friendship Day is upon us. We celebrate the day by sharing WhatsApp forwards, transcending in quirky gifts or meeting for a meal. Some of your friends will be cliché while the others will surprise you. But the one fact that cannot be denied is that they are the essential parts of our lives and in a true sense, they are. Be it in your happiness or sadness, they stick to you and

  • friends

    International Friendship Day 2018: 5 offbeat ways to celebrate Friendship Day in Mumbai

    The bond we share with our friends are unique, they are with us in every phase of life – good, bad and ugly. Friends are our partners in crime. Many times they are the ones who hold a mirror and are brutally honest. They help us to grow better as a human being. This Friendship Day, let’s celebrate with these souls who are blessings in our lives in a special and unusual

  • Ujjain: Students celebrate Friendship Day with eco-friendly earthen Ganesha

    Ujjain: Students of Achievers Academy celebrated Friendship Day in unique manner. They participated in a workshop for making earthen idols of Lord Ganesha. Students vowed to do their bit for conservation of environment by using earthen idols this festival.

  • Indore: Evening drizzles add more to festive spirit

    Indore: Evening drizzles on Sunday added more to the celebratory mood of citizens, already basking in the festivity of Friendship Day and Raksha Bandhan on Monday. Several short spells of light showers in the weekend brought city the much awaited relief from humidity and increasing heat, which have been troubling residents for last couple of days.

  • Celebrate app-iness this friendship day

    Quality friendships are important in life no matter what the age. At the end of the day we all need someone to talk to about everything and nothing. Often after college, we find ourselves distanced from the closest of our friends. And of course, making friends also becomes a challenge and time-consuming. But there’s an app for almost everything these days including friendships. We have rounded up the best apps, available on

  • Friendship Day 2017: TV celebs give some friendship goals!

    True friendship multiplies the good in life and divides its evils. Strive to have friends, for life without friends is like life on a desert island to find one real friend in a lifetime is good fortune; to keep him is a blessing. On the eve of friendship day telly celebs give some friendship goals they explored!

  • KCF felicitates NGOs working to help cancer patients

    Mumbai : On the occasion of World Health Day, Konark Cancer Foundation (KCF), a trust dedicated to provide logistical support to needy outstation cancer patients, organised a function on Friday at Nehru Centre, Worli, called ‘Konark Maitri Diwas’ (Friendship Day) to felicitate sister NGOs working for cancer patients.