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  • Independence Day 2018: 8 tricolour recipes to celebrate the spirit of patriotism

    Independence Day is a day to feel patriotic and proud. From songs to movies to several programmes on television and radio, the day is all about remembering history and paying a tribute to our freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives to free us from the British rule. Nowadays, people have started celebrating the Independence Day in a very elaborate way. They love to wear all things tricolour: From dresses to accessories to youngster

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    Will this session work?

    Another session of Parliament is set to begin today. Hopefully, it will not go the way of the previous session and function in an orderly manner. Though the chances of good sense prevailing do appear slim, we still hope that rival parties would refrain from turning Parliament into a laughing stock of the people — good only for shouting matches, defiance of the presiding officers, and very much precious little else. Twenty-five

  • Saudi women marks Women’s Day with jog in Jeddah Riyadh

    Saudi Arabia: A group of women recently took to the streets of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia for a jogging session on the occasion of International Women’s Day, in an activity where they did not always have the freedom and privilege to do so.

  • Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj

    Freedom Comes With Responsibility

    One of the notable changes in our social environment in the 20th and 21st centuries has been the saturation of our culture and daily lives by the mass media. In this new environment- radio, television, movies, videos, video games, cell phones, and computer networks have assumed central roles in our children’s daily lives. Offlately it has become a common practice to link media for any inexplicable acts of violence that are faced

  • Kangana Ranaut epitomises grace, strength of character and progressive attitude in her latest interview

    Kangana Ranaut epitomises grace, strength of character and progressive attitude in her latest interview

    Mumbai: Kangana Ranaut, a name that is revered in the Industry for being the lone warrior, who always emerges victorious. The actress has been in the eye of the storm because of controversies, both on the personal and professional front. Yet, she did not back down and decided to stand by her actions and statements, despite facing backlash from some particularly influential quarters.

  • China rebuffs freedom movement in Hong Kong

    Having seen better days when there was greater freedom under British control, people in Hong Kong are clamouring for a more liberal dispensation under Chinese rule. However, there is little effect on the totalitarian regime in Beijing that remote-controls Hong Kong. Twenty years have passed since China took over the country’s control but there is no let-up in tight control. Chinese president Xi Jinping made it clear recently that “any attempt to

  • Not only changed first impression but won her heart too

    Indore: Deepest love does not root a person, rather it is the flow that colours life while providing the freedom to flow, live and experience wonders. One such love story where understanding, experiencing and freedom pertain in balance with life is the story of 30-year-old teacher Rimjhim Joshi and 31-year-old plant manager Tushar Shende.

  • Creating stories & finding Khoya Kal with fun & cycling

    Indore: Taking people back to the old simple world of freedom and free transactions, DS Events in partnership with The Free Press Journal presented a series of acts and events. Helping people de-stress from their life and laugh out at a comic-satire play, ‘CREATE Stories Khoya Kal’ was presented at Mars Café from 11 am to 2 pm. The play brought alive the magic of simple living.

  • Catholics too join chorus for UCC

    New Delhi : The Supreme Court has entertained a Catholic Christian group from Kerala to implead itself in a case filed for enforcing the Uniform Civil Code, after it pleaded for curbs on the malpractices in the name of religious freedom.

  • PM recalls contributions of Vajpayee, Malaviya on their birthday

    New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday recalled the contributions of renowned freedom fighter and educationist Madan Mohan Malaviya and former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee on their birthday that falls on December 25.

  • Self-regulated media makes responsible media, says PM

    New Delhi : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said the media is responsible for upholding the right to freedom of speech and stressed that self-regulation by the Fourth Estate. “The press is responsible for upholding free speech,” Modi said while speaking at an event commemorating the National Press Day at Vigyan Bhavan here.

  • Online harassment remains grave issue in India: Report

    New Delhi : Though internet penetration has increased in India, making it the world’s second largest internet consumer base, online abuse remains a serious issue for the marginalised groups, a new report has revealed.

  • Simla agreement was big mistake: Shahbaz Sharif

    Lahore : Terming the historic 1972 Simla agreement between India and Pakistan a “big mistake”, Chief Minister of Pakistan’s Punjab province Shahbaz Sharif has said it partially hurt the Kashmiris’ freedom struggle. “The Simla agreement was a big mistake as it dampened the spirit of the Kashmiris fighting for their freedom and hurt their movement though it never stopped in Kashmir,” Sharif told a conference on Kashmir here

  • Waiting For Galvao

    Whatever be the final outcome of Captain Henrique Galvao’s dramatic challenge to the despot of Lisbon, the “mutiny” on the Santa Maria will go down in history as an act of valour in the cause of freedom. It is fairly certain that desperate efforts of Captain Galvao and his band of rebels to carry on the struggle for the overthrow of Salazar’s dictatorship from a floating piece of Portuguese territory will come

  • FAITH— Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

    If you think your faith in God does God a favour, you are mistaken. Your faith in God or your guru does nothing for God or guru. Faith is your wealth.

  • Freedom That Lasts

    The day of freedom is at hand,

  • Love_ VI

    Only one who has renounced can truly love. To the degree you have renounced, to that degree will you have the ability to love. Often people think those who renounce cannot love, and those who love cannot renounce. This is because renunciates do not seem to be in love, and so-called lovers are possessive and needy.