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  • Mumbai and Bollywood! Inseparable bond, with entertainment guaranteed

    Amit Khanna, former film lyricist turned head of a film production company, had apparently coined the term ‘Bollywood’ in the 1970s as the Hindi film industry was based out of erstwhile Bombay. A report states that the film industry in India will touch Rs 23,800 crore ($3.7 billion) by 2020. At present, the film industry grosses a total revenue of Rs 13,800 crore ($2.1 billion) and has grown at a CAGR (compound

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    Health Check! Why Mumbai’s medical services are among the best in the country

    Mumbai, the financial, commercial and entertainment capital of India, is also believed to be its health capital by many. The city does not only have the best of private hospitals, but, arguably, has India’s best public-health infrastructure. From the time JJ Hospital came into existence in the year 1843, Mumbai has been ahead of most Indian cities in healthcare services and is the country’s fastest growing medical hub.

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    Mumbai’s dabbawallas: The other lifeline of the city

    Once upon a time there was a Parsi banker in Mumbai who craved for home cooked food while at work – hence he got a person to pick food from his home and deliver it at his office. This was the birth of the first ever dabbawalla in Mumbai about a century and a quarter back.

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    Strand book store, Prithvi Theatre, Bademiya: The heritage hangouts of Mumbai

    A walk in the lanes and bylanes of Fort and Colaba, surrounded by colonial architecture on a quiet weekend is mesmerising, and on occasion, there is a gentle tug of nostalgia too. These roads and lanes are not the only ones with a unique charm; there are countless hangouts that hold a timeless appeal for Mumbaikars and make people visiting Mumbai fall in love with the city.

  • How Mumbai is slowly but surely becoming environment-friendly

    The sea seemed to be telling Mumbai, ‘Take your trash back’ as it threw up a whole lot of garbage with the high tide on July 14. A quick look at that garbage was enough to establish the presence of plastic in large quantities. Though it is a matter of debate whether Mumbai threw those tons of garbage into the sea or it came from somewhere else, fact remains that nature is

  • Mumbai loves to party, and here’s how they rock it!

    Mumbai dances to the rhythm of life – thorough professionals in the day can be seen letting their hair down at nights-out. The nightlife of Mumbai is an interesting mix of pubs and clubs. Though South Mumbai continues to host most of these – a large number of these are located in mills converted to commercial zones – Bandra too has a number of interesting options to offer.

  • Mumbai Mania! Finding peace amidst the frenzy

    Mumbai – The City of Dreams. A city where the dreams are big, but the time is short. Doing justice to the title of ‘the city that never sleeps’, one can be certain that no matter what the time, the roads will be full, the horns will be honking and the people will be bustling. This charm of the city can be alluring at first, but can often lead to burnout to

  • Rains, Career, Shopping! Mumbai has so much to offer

    Chances are that as you go through this it is raining outside, or the rain has just stopped. Mumbai rains drench the city, make it look beautiful at places, ugly at a few others, and slow it down a bit – what with waterlogging decelerating this rapidly moving city to some extent. Yet the city never comes to a standstill. There are a dozen and a few stories to tell every monsoon

  • FPJ 90th anniversary special: Former DGP Sivanandhan seeks major overhaul in police force

    Police reforms and educated policemen are the need of the day, says D Sivanandhan, former Director General of Police – Maharashtra. In this exclusive write-up for Free Press Journal, he bats for more use of technology in the police force and empowerment of young women. He tackles the issues of Naxalism, terrorism, mafia gangs and crimes against women here.

  • High-end shopping, heritage style

    Horniman Circle, along with its cousins Flora Fountain and Kala Ghoda, is fast becoming a fashion hub for the well-heeled. Monisha Pratap-Shah on the heritage structures that are now strong addresses of niche fashion brands.

  • Mumbai needs better mobility not promises

    Mumbai’s infrastructure has always been the biggest challenge for the authorities. No mode of travel, however advanced, seems to ease the helplessness of commuters. Mumbai needs to move, and not crawl. Will that happen? Vidyottama Sharma writes on the promises for better mobility.

  • India’s merry market – Real or perceived?

    Since the Modi government came to power three years ago, the general perception is that the markets are in buoyancy mode. Is the perception of achhe din true, or is it more of a hype, or a bit of both? Vidyottama Sharma tries to find the answers.

  • NFL scaling heights in Agro Sector & beyond

    National Fertilizers Limited’s endeavor has been to constantly improve the production performance of the plants and achieve substantial growth in its marketing performance. A synergy of expert technical manpower and new business initiatives of the current management has boosted the chances of NFL becoming the dominant player in the agro sector.

  • Big B, Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan: Not just screen heroes!

    While we are used to seeing our reel actors often play a heroic life on the screens, many have been scripting a story of a never-say-die spirit in their real lives. S Ramachandran takes us through their stories of triumph of the soul with a message: Never give up.

  • ‘We will give full last-mile connectivity in five years’

    Ashwini Bhide, Managing Director, Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation Ltd, tells Vidyottama Sharma that Metro network will take Mumbai’s commuters to different nooks and corners of the city, reducing traffic substantially.