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    Going to Kala Ghoda Arts Festival? 5 places to get your coffee fix in Kala Ghoda

    A perfectly brewed coffee is the solution for all the mundane things in life. The aroma itself gives you the much-required kick. The favourite beverage is our companion during those long nights, on a date or in an office meeting. A coffee connoisseur will agree that no event is complete without that one drink. Coffee connoisseurs in Kala Ghoda are for a treat. Whether you like you love trendy hipster cafes or

  • 10 hot chocolate havens in Mumbai to keep you warm this monsoon

    Today is World Chocolate Day. Who doesn’t like chocolates? They are so unconditional and honest that we fall for them naturally. It is our go to be it Monday morning blues or heartbreaks or just a sudden sweet cravings. There is nothing chocolate can’t handle with ease. Among the many ways of having chocolates, hot chocolate is most of our favourite. The fun doubles when its raining outside and you have that