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  • Bhopal: MD to inaugurate ‘SBI Exclusif’ today

    Managing director of State Bank of India Rajnish Kumar will inaugurate the bank’s first Wealth Management Hub ‘SBI Exclusif’ in Madhya Pradesh on Saturday at TT Nagar branch of the bank. This will be the eighth hub of the bank. This wealth management initiative of SBI targets the premium customer segment by offering a complete range of financial products and services, including advisory and financial planning, which are technology-driven, contemporary and comprehensive. The hub

  • Do you need a financial planner?

    Who is a financial planner? What is his job? Kiran Telang answers these questions and several more.

  • Guide to Housing Finance and Tax planning

    Both the deductions u/s 24 on interest on housing loan and u/s 80C on principal repayment are allowed only when the income from house property becomes chargeable to tax. In other words, the construction should be complete, the flat should be ready for occupation and the municipal annual value should be known.

  • Counsel queries in Art, Finance, Fitness, Office Administration and Radio Broadcasting

    Art appeal

    I am really good at art, and I have also taken the talent exams like elementary and intermediate. My parents are very supportive, and have encouraged me to continue my passion even while I prepare for my board exams. The drawback is that currently I do not have a computer at home, and even though my father might be able to get me one soon, I am not sure

  • Sec 54EC Capital Gains Tax Saving Bonds

    Section 54EC offers exemption if long-term capital gains are reinvested within 6 months in Bonds issued by NHAI and REC which are redeemable after 3 years. Unfortunately, the Finance Act 2007 (FA07) has slapped a limit on such contributions of Rs 50 lakh per FY. The Bonds are non-transferable, non-negotiable and cannot be offered as a security for any loan or advance. The interest rates are flexible and change from time to

  • Security: Fixed Income Investments

    The stock markets have been keeping investors engaged these days as they scale newer heights. As I write this piece the Sensex has closed at around 29000 levels and the Nifty went past the 8900 level. On the other hand, investors who have been thus preoccupied with the stock market movements may be neglecting fixed income investments. Investors are possibly reading a lot about lowering of interest rates and may have felt

  • Evaluation: Have you checked your Financial Pulse?

    You can analyse your credit card and bank statements to check your spending pattern. This will help you pin-point the exact areas where you can cut down expenses without compromising on a comfortable living, writes Kiran Telang.

  • capital investments

    Mutual Fund – An optimum investment vehicle

    Despite its crucial importance, high visibility and spectacular rise, the Mutual Fund (MF) as an investment instrument is the least understood and most misunderstood, particularly by retail investors. Thankfully, the government, SEBI as well as MFs themselves have been earmarking a sizable fund for Investor Education Programmes but so far this appears to have had limited impact.

  • India: The investment hub for NRIs

    Shalini Dhawan answers some vital questions regarding Non-Resident Indians looking at the country as a investment destination.

  • Cherry picking health insurance

    Do not go buying health insurance as if you are at a year-end clearance sale. There may be offerings from best of the health insurers at never before prices. However, what do you do with a Nike that is two sizes smaller than your feet? Rather, I would say, behave as if you are at a buffet; you have paid for the buffet; now pick what suits you best in terms of your

  • Strong Start Tips for new entrepreneurs

    Planning to start your own business? Kiran Telang shares a few directives on being a success in your venture and being a good leader.

  • A N Shanbag

    Here’s how you can benefit by investing in house property

    In a population heavy country like ours, there will always be a net surplus of house hunters over houses available. This is why tomorrow’s price will most certainly outdistance today’s, which, by itself is beyond the reach of most of us. There are three good reasons for treating the purchase of house property as an intrinsic part of overall investment strategy:

  • Overcoming financial drought

    Drought is a terrible situation of water shortage which many parts of our country face regularly. Most of us urban dwellers do not realise the severity of the situation as we are relatively cushioned by the civic amenities available to us. But we are much more likely to face drought situations in our personal finance. Since there will be no systemic cushions provided, we have to brace ourselves to avoid drought like

  • A radical retirement plan

    Radical retirement is giving up work as a drudgery taking up work as an excitement, writes TENSING RODRIGUES.